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by Francois Kamffer
Sushi Master Class
19 Feb 2024

This was truly an amazing experience to learn and gain knowledge on Sushi making to add to your culinary. Small detail really matters when it comes to Sushi making and that is what this class thought you. Clear instructions on the process from rolling your sushi to cutting the fish. And also learning about the history of Sushi making and Japanese culture of the whys and hows was very interesting to me.

I would recommend this even if you have no experience.

by Max
Essential Ramen - Ramen Level 1 ❤️Valentine Special❤️
15 Feb 2024
Amazing class

I would very highly recommend this incredible class, full of knowledge and expertise, and also extremely fun to do! :)

by Helene
Black Cod, Tempura and Japanese Home Cooking
13 Feb 2024
Enjoyable and Instructive

Had a wonderful time and the good was amazing! Very well organised and great, relaxed atmosphere. X