Japanese Cooking and Sushi Making Classes in London | Sozai

by Melanie
Essential Ramen - Ramen Level 1
02 Jul 2024
Melanie M

Our group loved the lesson from beginning to end. Our teacher made sure everyone, both adults and children, were involved. The afternoon was informative and enjoyable, and the ramen we made and ate at the end was absolutely delicious!

by amandine
Sushi Master Class
30 May 2024
Getting to sushi master level!

This was a great session in a small format to learn more about the few things I didn't know about making sushi rolls and discovering new recipe. It was a very pleasant afternoon and I recommend it!

by Sam
Roll & Roll Sushi Class
13 May 2024
Great session

We loved this session! A great host and we learned a lot about Japanese culture as well as sushi itself.

We made a lot of sushi and got a really good goody bag.

Only thing that would make it 5 star would be to have more fish in the sushi we made, as it was mainly veg based.

by Jamie
Roll & Roll Sushi Class
08 May 2024

The event but was very formally presented and was therefore not very fun.

by Lorena
Black Cod, Tempura and Japanese Home Cooking
06 May 2024
Everyday Japanese

I really learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it! Akemi is a very good chef / instructor and very easy to relate to. Loved doing all the hands-on cooking. Hope that Sozai will have other classes to offer with different Japanese dishes. Highly recommended!

by Katie
Essential Ramen - Ramen Level 1
30 Apr 2024
Great course

Learnt a lot about making Ramen, while understanding the noddle making process and one I can definitely use for future meals! Really cool class.