by Paul
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Really fun and effective course

I really enjoyed the day and learnt how to make a delicious ramen. Very good practical tips

My only suggestion is to make each section in the ingredients list for the same number of people - unfortunately I only scanned it ( my fault) and ended up making broth for 6 and noodles for 2!

21 Sep 2020
by Joshua
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Ramen Class

Thoroughly enjoyed the Ramen class. Akemi was very informative and provided not only a cooking lesson but an educational and historical view of ramen which was very interesting. It did not take long to feel relaxed and at home and any pre nerves I may have had soon vanished. The cooking lesson its self was fun as well as rewarding with the end result being nothing short of delicious. Would be more than happy to run through another class again. Many thanks!

19 Sep 2020
by AListair
Private Class for the Chef trainig
definitely 10 / 10

We all felt very privileged to be in the company of Tomo and Akemi and to have them share their immense knowledge and wisdom with us. After 20 years of handling fish, I discovered I am a bit of a beginner.

18 Sep 2020
by Hironari

It was easy to follow and the teacher responds to our questions spontaneously. Fun to watch other students working in the kitchen as well.

The topic was also fun with a bit of Japanese taste to it!

Highly recommend!

13 Sep 2020
by Kinu
Love Dorayaki!

I totally enjoyed this Dorayaki class with Suzue. Firstly, Suzue taught us how to make Anko sweet red bean paste from scratch which was very useful as now I can make Anko easily at home. We also made Custard, Mizuyokan, and last but not the least, the Dorayaki pancakes. My family loved the homemade Dorayakis. Thank you so much!

09 Sep 2020
by Tory
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.4 Kazarimaki & Nigiri
Sushi Masterclass N°4

Another enjoyable class with good looking & tasy results. I would have enyoyed a bigger focus on Nigiri, specifically slicing the fish, looking at the specific fish size & weight and practising more the rice forming and the varies toppings that are possible, infact I would probably have one class focus on Nigiri.

29 Aug 2020
by Martha
Great class with lovely instructor

I really enjoyed Suzue's Online Mille Crepe class. She has so much experience and makes it look so easy. I'm a bit slow at learning and get a bit overwhelmed with the ingredients and steps, however she was very helpful and patient. She also shared many useful tips that I will use for now on. Everyone finished with beautiful cakes at the end and ours was super yummy! Can't wait to do another class with Suzue and would definitely recommend to anyone willing to try something new.

28 Aug 2020
by Eugenie
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Homemade ramen

I like ramen but it's not easy to find authentic ramen place in the UK. With the lockdown, you can order deliveroo etc. However, in my opinion ramen is best eaten straight after it's cooked.

In this class, you learn to make ramen from stretch-the stock, the paste, Char Siu, soya marinated egg, the noodles. Akemi is very knowledgeable and she explained all the history and culture of ramen- very interesting and useful information indeed. Akemi gave very clear instruction and explanation of the process . It may sound like there is a lot to do but the lesson is organized very well such that you don't feel like you are rushing all the time. This class makes use of pasta machine to make the noodles. Akemi was very patient as I had a slight issue with using my machine. She also explained what you can do with the extra ingredient/leftover stock.

The Char Siu was so tasty and simple to make that I will probably make it even when I am not having ramen. It will go well with other homemade dinner and perfect with rice.

We spend nearly 5 hours but I have to say it's 5 hours worth spent. I was very satisfied with myself after assembling the noodles and toppings-nothing really beats a freshly made bowl of ramen!

25 Aug 2020