by havva
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1 Uramaki & Temari
Loved this course

'Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1 Uramaki & Temari '
Attended this course yesterday and loved it. Izumi was an amazing teacher, informative, precise and with lots of titbits on supplies/techniques/versatility and how to adjust the recipes to taste, rolling techniques and the importance of paying attention to the preparation and then the fun bit of rolling them, into balls, triangles or sushi rolls. Really feel inspired. Will definately do another course. thank you

18 Oct 2020
by Suzue
Karaage - Japanese cooking Basic2

Highly recommend this lesson ❤️My daughter (9) participated with me. It was good to learn how to make Karaage so easily and dipping sauce was addictive ⭐️ Also we learned miso soup with tomatoes & onions which was new combination to us. The soup tasted great with acidity of tomatoes, made well balanced- dinner. The Karaage disappeared super quickly!

13 Oct 2020
by Gaye Soykok
Shojin class a great experience and a great teacher

I attended the Shojin cooking class and the simplicity of the ingredients with the richness of tastes are surprising. The class was packed with content and activity. I did not understand how the two hours passed. And our teacher was amazing handling the hickups l experienced due to an err in ingredients and helping us to end up in delicious and pro looking results.


11 Oct 2020
by Kinga
Amazing! learned a lot!

I had a dorayaki online course where I learned so much about making this tasty and popular Japanese dessert. The course was very informative, energetic and we had a good time 😊
Looking forward to my next course with Sozai!

02 Oct 2020
by Izumi
Great fun!!

I had a lovely cook along class with Suzue. She has explained everything so clearly. I never made Dorayaki nor Mizuyokan but look at these! 😍 I am confident making Dorayaki again with her recipe now.Thank you!!

02 Oct 2020
by Sofia
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1 Uramaki & Temari
Amazing Class!

The sushi class was very fun!
It was very instructive and the teacher explained everything very clearly.
She was very patient and we loved that she said little interesting facts about sushi and anything related to it.
The techniques were easy to follow and we will surely be eating more sushi from now on!

28 Sep 2020
by Anja van Wezel
Shojin Ryori workshop

I followed this wonderfully workshop from the Netherlands.
I really enjoyed this workshop. Kinu-san is great teacher and very kind!
I really can recommend everyone how want to learn to Cook Japanese food to sign in for a online workshop at the Sozai cooking school.
Where ever you are on the world! It was a great experience! Thank you again Kinu-san and Sozai cooking school! Domo arigato gozaimasu🙏🏻⛩

28 Sep 2020
by Paul
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Really fun and effective course

I really enjoyed the day and learnt how to make a delicious ramen. Very good practical tips

My only suggestion is to make each section in the ingredients list for the same number of people - unfortunately I only scanned it ( my fault) and ended up making broth for 6 and noodles for 2!

21 Sep 2020