by Sara
Black Cod and Japanese Home Cooking

A fabulous class in a very warm and welcome home. Very knowledgable Teacher, who taught us so much more than expected. The food was delicious, exactly what we had hoped for. The class size was a perfect number. Couldn’t recommend this class enough. We look forward to coming back for lots more.

25 Jun 2019
by Rob
Vegan creative sushi class
Sushi class

Excellent class. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the informal atmosphere. Izumi is a great teacher.

The only additional thing I'd have liked is material to take away (or view on line when I got home e.g videos) to help me remember what I made and how I made it.

24 Jun 2019
by Darren
Sushi Master Class
Who knew sushi was so delicious?

We were a family of 3 (teenage boy) and we spent a thoroughly absorbing, informative, fun and tasty afternoon making sushi and then getting to eat it!
Yuka was very patient and explained things really well. I had never tried sushi and could not use chopsticks but I now know how to hold the chopsticks and that sushi takes a bit of patience but it's well worth it. We were in a small group and we all had pretty decent results and the best bit was we got to eat our creations. If you want to spend a couple of hours totally absorbed in what you're doing in a relaxed atmosphere and learn something new and a bit different in the process then this is the afternoon (or evening ) for you. I would recommend this to anyone: thanks Yuka

23 Jun 2019
by Tom
Sushi Master Class
Sushi master class

A brilliant and enjoyable course that taught me how to make Sushi in a relaxing and open environment.
I am looking forward to booking another Japanese cooking course soon.

20 Jun 2019
by Natashia
Sushi Master Class
Good sushi making course

We were very happy with Yuka as our teacher as she is very sweet and explained everything well. The only thing we felt dragged the experience down a little bit was the atmosphere and the choice of ingredients. More specially, the atmosphere was a little bit stiff and we didn't really work with any fish (we only had a small piece of salmon and considering we did pay 75 pounds per person we thought this was a bit stingy).

But overall a good sushi making course and the sushi tasted nice!

16 Jun 2019
by Bastien
Japanese Gyoza Master Class
Cooking with Yuka - Gyoza

Very good, very kind, and also: thank you to her colleague (Julia/Giulia?).

13 Jun 2019
by Mary Allan
Japanese Zen Cuisine-SHOJIN at Nourish cafe in Bath
Shojin meal

Mr Tanahashi created the most amazing meal over six courses, which was satisfying, delicious and utterly splendid. He told us that no machines are used in the food creation which is just astonishing, especially when the dishes were complicated and intricate.

An excellent meal and great service, too!

11 Jun 2019
by Mary Allan
Japanese Zen Cuisine- SHOJIN

Lovely presentation of cooking with meditation. A printed sheet with the ingredients for the sesame dressing and a list of stockists of the tools required to make it would have been useful.

The dressing made the vegetables taste really delicious and I will try it once I have the appropriate kitchen tools.

06 Jun 2019