by Ken
Wonderful lesson

Thank you for a very interesting cookery lesson today. On paper it looked quite straightforward – in practise there was a lot of skill and technique needed. But we really enjoyed the teaching, the cooking and finally the eating.

Both dango were very tasty, due mainly to the sauces, but the chewy texture was also very satisfying. We’re now thinking of other possibilities we can try in the future, using different sauces, perhaps a mango coulis or other fruits.

Have attached a photo to prove we really did make them – but they’re all gone now!

Loving all the Sozai Friends events.

With kind regards
Ken & Fiona Woolfenden

19 Jul 2021
by Swati
3. Online Sushi Master Class Vol.3 Shikai-maki. Gunkan & Nigiri sushi
Dr swati piramal

I really enjoyed the class . I’d love to have a recording if possible because they are nuances I would repeat hearing again and again. The teacher was fabulous!
I will do more of her classes.

17 Jul 2021
by Evelyne
Temari & Temaki-sushi for Japanese Star festival 七夕祭り 手毬と手巻き寿司
very funny 😊

I had a lot of fun and It was very creative, the chef was good, I will follow other courses 😀

08 Jul 2021
by Kai
Temari & Temaki-sushi for Japanese Star festival 七夕祭り 手毬と手巻き寿司
Best class

Thank you so much for such a wonderful cooking class! We never made sushi before but actually the magic happened in 60 mins. The instructor was so charming, informative and also very patient. Our home made sushi was super yummy. We are pleased that her list of ingredients were all available from our super market. We'll definitely book another class.

08 Jul 2021
by Nicolas
Online Homemade Gyoza Class
Perfect gyoza...

Thank you so much for your kindness, this course was so clear that makes things so easy to do and brings Japanese delicious food at home.

06 Jul 2021
by Evelyne
Online Homemade Gyoza Class
Online Homemade Gyoza Class

Nice course was very useful I finally managed to make the recipe that the family love very much. I hope there will also be courses on ramen :-)

05 Jul 2021
by Maite

Amazing class and delicious food. I totally recommend it!

30 Jun 2021
by Anne
International Sushi Day Online Cook-along Special

Good course although slightly too fast when having to look at a screen and then focus on what I was doing at home particularly as I went wrong on the inside out roll. The instructions did not tell us to have a bamboo mat so I assumed that we would be rolling using a towel and cling film in the manner of a Swiss roll. A mat would have made life a lot easier. It would be helpful to have a print out giving the quantities of ingredients needed for the sushi vinegar along with the initial instructions. The sushi tasted good and I am looking forward to practising at home. Overall good course.

19 Jun 2021