by Oxana
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1
Great family event!

I loved the idea of kiddies joining us too. it was lovely to see girls/boys helping and enjoyingthemselves.Thank you sooo much Izzie, it was fantastic evening and great experience. I just managed to make few more for tomorrow. The previous batch disappeared before I had a chance to take a photo. Sushi were absolutely delicious ?, you are amazing chef/presenter ?

07 Jun 2020
by Georgia
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1
A special class!

Thank you so much for a lovely evening of sushi-making. We both enjoyed it so much, it was a lovely activity to do together and also the most delicious supper. We are hoping to make some more soon.
Kindest wishes,
Georgia and Rosalie x

07 Jun 2020
by Harriet
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1
First time online cooking class.

Well there was hardly any left of this lot! Thank you so much Izy. Actually doing it in our own kitchens is quite a good idea - please keep doing it that way! Hxxx

07 Jun 2020
by Paula
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1
Thank you!!

What a fantastic night with our two girls making sushi. A great way to get the family involved. So much so that my girls are making it tonight after been taught by Izi last night. She was so professional and patient with us all. A true credit to watch and get inspiration. Thank you so much. ??

07 Jun 2020
by Nadia
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1
so many tips!

I learnt so many new tips! Izi was friendly and knowledgeable, it was great fun!

01 Jun 2020
by Marina
So Restaurant 'Sozai Selection' 522 Delivery
Delicious dinner set.

Bravo.It was a beautiful feast that I so missed and longing for the wonderful of So restaurant cooking once again

25 May 2020
by Hiroko
So Restaurant 'Sozai Selection' 522 Delivery


23 May 2020
by Leigh
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1 Uramaki & Temari
A lovely way to spend an evening!

What a delightful way to spend and evening! Not only is it lovely to meet new people, but to spend it learning more about making sushi made it all the more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to putting my improved skills and the new techniques I learned to good use! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves Japanese food or is curious to learn more! Izumi-san is a fantastic teacher! Thank you for teaching us, sensei :)

20 May 2020