by Mioko
☆Online Cook Along☆ Chocolate Daifuku & Mitarashi Dango チョコ大福 みたらし団子
Chocolate daifuku and Mitarashi Dango

Both recipes given to us were clear to follow. And the chef's professional tips here and there were extremely valuable.

08 Nov 2020
by Chris
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.2 Futomaki and Tamagoyaki
Well done, relaxed and a great learning experience

08 Nov 2020
by Luna
Chocolate daifuku and Mitarashi Dango
Always great

I've taken 3 classes with Suzue-sensei. She is lovely and I really enjoy making yummy desserts. My family is so happy too. I'm 13, I can be in this class without my mum now! Thank you 😋

07 Nov 2020
by Shuhei
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.2
Great online sushi class!


07 Nov 2020
by Eugenie
☆ Mont Blanc ☆
Mont Blanc workshop

This is my first time making Mont Blanc. It's quite a challenging dessert to make in my opinion. However, Suzue gave very clear explanation and she guided us through each step. It's a tasty and very classy dessert to impress your guest. I would definitely make it again. I didnot have rum in my house but instead I used some whisky which still worked. The chestnut cream is very tasty and with the additional alcohol gives it a twist to the taste. I had leftover chestnut cream and I made good use of it by using it as filling for dorayaki.

02 Nov 2020
by Mioko
Mochi Dorayaki & Mizu Yokan 餡餅入りどら焼き☆水羊羹
Dorayaki and Mizu-yokan

The teacher is the first-class patissier who had formal training and amazing career path. She gave us quite a few really important tips to finish Dorayaki & Mizu-yokan in perfection. Invaluable tips to have! This session gave me utter confidence to make them by myself next time. Highly recommended.

28 Oct 2020
by Tory
Halloween Kids Sushi Class
Halloween Sushi

Really fun class for children with infact delicious results, highly reccomended!

26 Oct 2020
by Kinga
☆ Mont Blanc ☆
Very enjoyable experience

The Mont Blanc course was my second course with Sozai! I enjoyed it very much. Suzue is a very knowledgeable instructor and it was very easy to follow her.
I only can recommend Sozai!

25 Oct 2020