by Katie
Easy to make and delicious!!

What a fab experience to cook such traditional Japanese dishes in such a fun way. The okonimiyaki was soooo easy to make and to die for. I recommend cooking these with friends.

12 Aug 2020
by Atsuko
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
It was fantastic!

I attended a 1/2 day Ramen class with Akemi. I was slightly worried whether my concentration would last that long but it was so engaging and filled with information that I could not believe how quickly the time went.

Akemi was well organised, giving us the recipe before hand, starting by setting out the plan for the class, and then teaching us in such a simple step by step route, I could follow her without any problem.

It was fascinating to learn how to make fresh ramen noodles. It was not difficult at all and the taste was heavenly. My whole family enjoyed the freshly made ramen afterwards.

I truly recommend this class if you are a ramen lover.

05 Aug 2020
by Michelle
Fun and useful masterclass

Kynu was a great instructor, very friendly, knowledgeable and interactive. She made sure to check in with everyone in the class and waited to ensure we were all at the same stage before moving on. She confidently answered all the questions we had and added extra knowledge about ingredients and cooking techniques. I learnt a lot and we all enjoyed the final meal. I will absolutely be attempting the meal again to wow any future dinner guests. Highly recommended!!!

04 Aug 2020
by Natsumi
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Nothing but fantastic!

I had a fantastic afternoon learning about ramen, and mastering how to make every element of ramen from stock to noodle to even Char Siu pork from scratch which I never thought I could do by myself at home.

Our instructor Akemi made sure everyone was on the track at every stage so no one was left behind at any point. Her instruction was very clear and precise, it was easy to follow her.

Akemi was so friendly and accommodating. She instructed us a few alternative recipes for a certain topping/sauce that fit everyone's dietary restrictions.

The result of the ramen making was a big success. It made me feel so proud that I was able to make it. The Char Siu was definitely one of the best ones I have ever tasted in my life.

I cannot recommend this class enough!

03 Aug 2020
by Hiromi
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Fantastic Ramen world!

I attended Akemi-san’s half day Ramen Cooking class. It was an amazing experience.
Even though I am Japanese and I still learned a lot about ramen and even different eating cultures between the UK and Japan. Akemi-san is a very experienced and energetic instructor. She kept an eye on each of us very well. It is quite a task to make good ramen, and it turned out to be a delicious success! The chicken and kombu broth and Chashu pork was amazing. Although I can not eat gluten, she gave me very practical advice. We ate shoyu ramen on the day and will have miso ramen the next day. Thank you very much, Akemi-san.
I definitely learned a lot from this class and would recommend it to others.

03 Aug 2020
by Sylvain
1/2 Day Online Ramen Class
Joined from đŸ‡«đŸ‡·

I participated in Akemi's Online Essential Ramen class on Sunday afternoon; it was an excellent experience and I am amazed by the results obtained: œ day and there I know how to
make fantastic ramen â˜ș and we really enjoyed ourselves.
Akémi is charming and her teaching is very pleasant, natural and intuitive.
Chicken broth, Chashu pork, Ramens noodles, garnishes and finally different sauces, Salted, Soy or Miso, a complete and fun learning experience in a good atmosphere full of exchanges.
I highly recommend this class.

1/2 journée cour de ramen par Akemi

J’ai participĂ© Ă  la classe Essential Ramen en ligne d'Akemi le dimanche aprĂšs-midi ; cela a Ă©tĂ© une excellente expĂ©rience et je suis bluffĂ© par le rĂ©sultat obtenu : Âœ journĂ©e et voilĂ  je sais faire des fantastiques ramens â˜ș et nous nous sommes rĂ©galĂ©s.
Akémi est charmante et son enseignement trÚs agréable, naturel et intuitif.
Bouillon de poulet, porc Chashu, nouilles Ramens, garnitures et finalement diffĂ©rentes sauces, SalĂ©, Soja ou Miso , un apprentissage complet et ludique dans une bonne ambiance pleine d’échanges.
Je recommande vivement cette classe.

02 Aug 2020
by Yung Chai
New experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Very informative and interesting! Highly recommend it for anyone interested in Japanese cooking.

31 Jul 2020
by Kae Yukawa

such a fun class and excellent teachings from Kim. A brillaint way to cook together with your family and friends. Restaurant standard magically cooked in your own kitchen. Perfect. Thank you Kim we will be back.

31 Jul 2020