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Kinu Yukawa

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Kinu Yukawa is a Japanese chef and cookery teacher from Kobe, Japan. She ventured into the world of food early in life and fostered the basics of cooking from her grandmother. Later she trained French cuisine at Ecole Ritz Escoffier Paris and traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto.

Kinu believes in the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy of enjoying food with all the body's five senses <五感楽しむ和食>. She appreciates the importance of cooking with vegetables that are in season and at the height of their flavour. By respecting the seasons and their offerings, food nourishes and brings harmony to the body, which is the principle of "和食 Washoku" <the harmony of food> .

Kinu's teaching style focuses on cooking techniques and skills, ensuring that each students master the skills. Kinu is fascinated by sharing her expertise and knowledge of Japanese cooking with students of all walks of life and culinary levels.

Upcoming lessons

Essential Sushi Making Class
Fully booked
Essential Sushi Making Class
18 Aug 2024 (Sun)
11:00 150 minutes
£85 per person

*BRIGHTON KITCHEN STUDIO - If the class is fully booked, please request your...

Nerikiri Wagashi Class
Fully booked
Nerikiri Wagashi Class
25 Aug 2024 (Sun)
16:00 120 minutes
£85 per person

*BRIGHTON KITCHEN STUDIO - If the class is fully booked, please request your...

by Matt
Crunchy Katsu Curry Class (ONLINE)
17 Mar 2024

Very much enjoyed the course. Kinu was an excellent teacher, she explained the recipe, gave us tips we can use in other cooking and patiently showed us how to create a delicious curry. I would highly recommend the class.

by Lindsay Comer
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! Crunchy Katsu Curry Class (ONLINE)
05 Jan 2024

This is the 6th class I have attended online with Sozai and taught by Kinu. She is an amazing and patient teacher, taking her time to go through each step and happily repeating anything you might have confusion with. Each class I have left with something tasty and delicious, with many of the recipes becoming weekly favourites in my household :)

by Shizuka
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! the Perfect Sushi Roll Class (ONLINE)
28 Dec 2023
My 7 years old son enjoyed making Temari sush!i

I am Japanese, and every time I participate, I discover something new. Kinu's meticulous teaching, her easy-to-approach demeanor for questions, and her calm handling of students' mistakes are always impressive. I appreciate learning to cook with British ingredients. I love Kinu's emphasis on healthy seasoning with minimal additives and her beautiful plating skills.

Thanks to her, my 7-year-old son learned to make Temari sushi. He now prepares it for both lunch and dinner, gaining newfound confidence. It was truly a great opportunity, and I'm grateful for having participated. Thank you so much!