27 Dec 2023 (Wed) 10:30
90 minutes
£35 per person

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! the Perfect Sushi Roll Class (ONLINE)

Join our interactive sushi-making class and learn how to spread, tuck, and roll your way to becoming a home sushi chef!

In this fun and interactive online sushi class, you will learn all the skills required to make the perfect maki rolls. Including the method to prepare the perfect sushi rice, and how to select the finest ingredients locally to enhance your sushi-making experience.

This step-by-step art of the sushi-making class will consist of:
○ How to make the perfect Sushi Rice
○ Hosomaki (Slim Roll)
○ Uramaki (Inside-Out Roll)
○ Alaska Roll (Inside-Out Roll Topped with Salmon)
○ Temaki (Hand Roll)
*Alternatives can be arranged for vegans or vegetarians.
Please let us know your dietary requirements in advance.

The instructor will lead you through the process of step-by-step sushi making. Experience creating delicious sushi with this fun and interactive cook-along.

Upon booking, you will receive the full shopping list, recipes, and a link to the Zoom Class Meeting.

Japanese Sushi Rice
Sushi Vinegar
Sushi Nori Seaweed
Roasted Sesame Seed (*optional)
Soy Sauce & Wasabi
Sushi Rolling Mat
Smoked Salmon etc

The above Japanese items can be found at
https://www.japancentre.com/en or any other Japanese or Asian stores.

Any queries, please feel free to write to info@sozai.co.uk.

Sushi Weekend Foundation Intermediate Fish Vegan Online

Kinu Yukawa

Kinu Yukawa is a Japanese chef and cookery teacher from Kobe, Japan. She ventured into the world of food early in life and fostered the basics of cooking from her grandmother. Later she trained French cuisine at Ecole Ritz Escoffier Paris and traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto.

Kinu believes in the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy of enjoying food with all the body's five senses <五感楽しむ和食>. She appreciates the importance of cooking with vegetables that are in season and at the height of their flavour. By respecting the seasons and their offerings, food nourishes and brings harmony to the body, which is the principle of "和食 Washoku" <the harmony of food> .

Kinu's teaching style focuses on cooking techniques and skills, ensuring that each students master the skills. Kinu is fascinated by sharing her expertise and knowledge of Japanese cooking with students of all walks of life and culinary levels.

by Carla
Vegan Shojin Cooking Class
Amazing vegan Shojin course

This course was great, we made lots of different dishes but it didn’t feel rushed or pressured. I learnt new flavours and techniques that I will use again. Kinu was very knowledgeable and welcoming and I enjoyed spending time talking with her and the participant. The food was delicious and I’m hoping to go back for another course soon. I would highly recommend!

26 Sep 2023
by EljeeJ
Nerikiri Wagashi Class
A rare gem of a class

It is really difficult to find Japanese dessert making classes in the UK so I was thrilled that Kinu was offering this nerikiri wagashi class in Brighton.

Kinu is an excellent teacher - patiently demonstrating the steps needed and answering all my questions. She has a warm and relaxing approach to her class and it made for a lovely Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking for Japanese food that is not sushi or ramen then this is it. Recommended!

19 Sep 2023
by Josh
Vegan Shojin Cooking Class

I had such a lovely time at Kinu's class. It was great to see how to get so much flavour from the dishes and of course was so good to eat as the food was tasty! It was a small class which I prefer and I'm looking forward to cooking all these dishes at home.

18 Sep 2023
by Syeda
Nerikiri Wagashi Class

I throughly loved this class! It was such an incredible opportunity to have a go at making a delicious dessert that I first tried at a tea ceremony in Japan, now many years ago. The class was well organised, all the equipment was provided, how to make the anko was demonstrated and we all had a go, the instructions were crystal clear...for me it was absolutely well worth paying for this class...as I now have the basics I cannot wait to explore and make my own! Luckily I have a friend visiting from Japan soon, who will get me some of the fancy utensils so I can practice to my hearts content! The other fellow students who joined the class too were wonderful...there was even a sushi chef! It was great to meet others who loved wagashi as much as I did! Whooop! Thank you so much Sozai! If you like wagashi and like to make desserts...I would most highly recommend this class! The great thing is learning the skills, which you will then have for life! ありがとうございました!

27 Jul 2023
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!  the Perfect Sushi Roll Class (ONLINE)
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! the Perfect Sushi Roll Class (ONLINE)
27 Dec 2023 (Wed) 10:30
90 minutes
£35 per person

Join our interactive sushi-making class and learn how to spread, tuck, and...

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!  Scrumptious Katsu Curry Class (ONLINE)
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! Scrumptious Katsu Curry Class (ONLINE)
27 Dec 2023 (Wed) 13:00
90 minutes
£35 per person

Learn how to make one of Japan's most popular dishes, Katsu Curry, in the...

TOKYO Tailormade Cooking Class & Food Tour / Date of Your Choice
TOKYO Tailormade Cooking Class & Food Tour / Date of Your Choice
31 Jan 2024 (Wed) 10:00
120 minutes
£95 per person

Visiting Japan? Why not experience a Japanese cooking class in Tokyo and...

It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes and private dining experiences.