by Benjamien
Ramen Class: Valentine Special
Lovely evening

Absolutely lovely. Very chuffed how Akemi shared her own chashu invention with us. I'll be stewing chashu in the oven this weekend!

17 Feb 2022
by Vera
Dinner Party Sushi 1

I just love it, really well explained who to make every single one. Looking forward for my next course.

17 Jan 2022
by Barbara
VEGAN Tan Tan Men - Ramen Level 1
Vegan tan tan men

This was a great class, Akemi is very passionate about Japanese food and shared the background of the ingredients and the dish. It was a very relaxed class and went along at a nice pace. The end result was delicious, even though its common in Japan to eat the noodles and leave the soup, this recipe is too good not to finish it all!

04 May 2021
by Caitlin
VEGAN Tan Tan Men - Ramen Level 1
Really enjoyable

Such a wonderful class! Went at an excellent pace so I didn't feel overwhelmed but also didn't feel too easy. Really interesting information about the history of ramen and kombu too. Thank you so much for a really great two hours (also the food tasted incredible!!)

03 May 2021