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by EljeeJ
Nerikiri Wagashi Class
19 Sep 2023
A rare gem of a class

It is really difficult to find Japanese dessert making classes in the UK so I was thrilled that Kinu was offering this nerikiri wagashi class in Brighton.

Kinu is an excellent teacher - patiently demonstrating the steps needed and answering all my questions. She has a warm and relaxing approach to her class and it made for a lovely Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking for Japanese food that is not sushi or ramen then this is it. Recommended!

by Josh
Vegan Shojin Cooking Class
18 Sep 2023

I had such a lovely time at Kinu's class. It was great to see how to get so much flavour from the dishes and of course was so good to eat as the food was tasty! It was a small class which I prefer and I'm looking forward to cooking all these dishes at home.

by Syeda
Nerikiri Wagashi Class
27 Jul 2023

I throughly loved this class! It was such an incredible opportunity to have a go at making a delicious dessert that I first tried at a tea ceremony in Japan, now many years ago. The class was well organised, all the equipment was provided, how to make the anko was demonstrated and we all had a go, the instructions were crystal clear...for me it was absolutely well worth paying for this class...as I now have the basics I cannot wait to explore and make my own! Luckily I have a friend visiting from Japan soon, who will get me some of the fancy utensils so I can practice to my hearts content! The other fellow students who joined the class too were wonderful...there was even a sushi chef! It was great to meet others who loved wagashi as much as I did! Whooop! Thank you so much Sozai! If you like wagashi and like to make desserts...I would most highly recommend this class! The great thing is learning the skills, which you will then have for life! ありがとうございました!