by Janice
Sozai Cooking Friends TEMAKI SUSHI PARTY
A very enjoyable session

We chose just to watch the session and found it very interesting. It was good to see the variety of foods that can be included in Sushi and making up without the use of a bamboo mat ( which we always rely on). Also the whole idea of a do-it-yourself Sushi party was interesting and one that we will try out when our grandchildren are able to visit. I would like to try another session but not online when covid regulations permit.

24 Feb 2021
by Victoria
Sozai Cooking Friends PANCAKE DAY

Hi it was really nice to do the cooking course. Thank you. The instructors were very welcoming. My feedback is of possible go a little slower with the cooking and make the class more interactive. For example if there are not many people in the class you could ask everyone to introduce themselves at the beginning.

18 Feb 2021
by Shizu
Sozai Cooking Friends EHOUMAKi, Giant sushi roll




13 Feb 2021
by Alice Vicentin
Sozai Cooking Friends OMURICE
Very easy to understand and friendly

I enjoyed cooking this simple recipe with everyone. I would like to try with something more Japanese (not yoshoku) next time. Thanks!

10 Feb 2021