by A
Sozai Friends Japanese ’AGEDASHI TOFU' 揚げ出し豆腐
Sozai Friends agedashi tofu

The class was fabulous. I have a proper fear of frying and it was so easy and calming to follow the instructor. The tofu and soup was so tasty. It was also very interesting to learn the differences the coating makes, whether to use wheat flour/ rice flour or potato starch.

28 Apr 2021
by Ray and Vicky
Sozai Friends Japanese ’AGEDASHI TOFU' 揚げ出し豆腐
Excellent as normal

28 Apr 2021
by Kelly
Sozai Friends Japanese ’AGEDASHI TOFU' 揚げ出し豆腐
Really enjoyed the class.

The teacher was wonderful, and I fully enjoyed the class, and the little immersion into Japanese culture!
Am very happy to have found you.
A couple of internet communication things that could be helpful:
In the description for this review, it would be nice to know the purpose. is it strictly internal, or is it going on your website?
Would be great if when you sign up and get your confirmation you to get a link to add the class to your calendar with the zoom meeting instructions.
As far as the class the pacing was overall perfect, but for me, the frying part went fast, and not having much experience with it, mine was a bit of a disaster. Still tasted good! I want to find out what kind of pan to use and what temperature to get the oil to, before putting the tofu in, etc.
Thank you so much!

28 Apr 2021
by Grier
Sozai Friends 'TOFU CHEESE CAKE' 豆腐チーズケーキ
Easy to follow a really great class

Really great class and the cheese cake tasted great!

24 Apr 2021