by Chris
Sushi Master Class
Excellent class!!

Thank you for a superb class! You made sushi making look easy and even I was able to do it! Excellent food, excellent confidence boost - thank you very much!

01 Mar 2019
by Michael
Sushi Master Class
A great experience

Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend as she loves sushi. We learned a lot and had a great time. Would have been better if there was a more social interaction but this I suppose is down to the attendees rather than the class. I recommend this class if you'd like to learn sushi making!

10 Feb 2019
by Andrew
Sushi Master Class

A great course, the instructor Yuka was entertaining, helpful and knowledgeable. It's a good way of picking up the basics and you do leave the course thinking you could have a decent crack at making some Sushi on your own.

10 Feb 2019
by Jens
Sushi Master Class
Good but basic

As I have already had some experience with making sushi, I found this class to be a bit too basic. I was pleased to unlearn some of my bad habits though. It was disappointing to find that the sushi rice was very under cooked when I got home and wanted to eat the sushi I'd made... this is such a fundamental mistake that just should not have happened...

05 Feb 2019