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Tomokazu Matsuya

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Master Chef Tomo Matsuya
Born in Hokkaido,Japan. Matsuya completed his culinary education at 17 years old. After obtaining his international cook's license he joined the self-defense forces of Japan and for 15 years cooked for many VIPs of many nations as the forces' chef. After starting his own venture, he took a position at So Restaurant in Soho London ( now moved to E1 ) as the Head Sushi Chef, at Miyama Mayfair and an exclusive private chef at Ikisho. Recently, he has opened own casual dining restaurant Ezo Japanese in Central Acton.

Please enquire his bespoke classes for the professionals to info@sozai.co.uk.

北海道生まれ。17歳にして食の道を志してから、国際船舶料理士の免許を習得し自衛隊に所属。その後15年に渡り、世界各国の著名人らへも料理を提供してきた。渡英してからは、食の中心地とも呼ばれるソーホーのSo Restaurant, またロンドンでも一等地のメイフェアのMiyamaにて、どちらでも料理長を務める。その親しみやすい人柄をかわれ、シティーにあるSozai Cooking Schoolでの人気講師でもあり、またラグジュアリーロンドンでも掲載されたIkisho ブランドを通じ、プライベートシェフをしての腕もふるっている。この秋より、カジュアルな日本食を提供するEzo Japanをオープンし、起業家としても才能を発揮している。

by Francois Kamffer
Sushi Master Class
19 Feb 2024

This was truly an amazing experience to learn and gain knowledge on Sushi making to add to your culinary. Small detail really matters when it comes to Sushi making and that is what this class thought you. Clear instructions on the process from rolling your sushi to cutting the fish. And also learning about the history of Sushi making and Japanese culture of the whys and hows was very interesting to me.

I would recommend this even if you have no experience.

by Katie
Virtual Sushi Class with YUTAKA SUSHI KIT
16 Sep 2021
Interactive online session!

My partner and I had never made sushi before but we're so happy for our results!! The instructor was lovely and she answered all our questions. We've learnt lots! Thanks so much.

by AListair
Private Class for the Chef trainig
18 Sep 2020
definitely 10 / 10

We all felt very privileged to be in the company of Tomo and Akemi and to have them share their immense knowledge and wisdom with us. After 20 years of handling fish, I discovered I am a bit of a beginner.