11 Jan 2020 (Sat) 16:00
120 minutes
£75 per attendee

Japanese Gyoza Master Class

Do you love eating gyoza?

If so, would you like to make your own gyoza from scratch? At this Master Class, you will learn each step: how to make your own gyoza skins, the fillings, techniques for wrapping and how to fry and steam, in one pan. In order to compare the difference in texture and taste, you will learn using both ready-made skins and your own versions. As an extra accompaniment, you will also learn how to make a classic fried rice using the leftover fillings. A perfect way to ensure no leftovers. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Note : - This is a limited small number of guests in class -

Gyoza Weekend

Yuka Caves

Yuka’s passion for Japanese cuisine began at a very young age, taught by her grandmother and mother in rural Kyushu. Her childhood was filled with daily trips to fish, meat and vegetable markets where her grandmother taught her how to source the freshest of ingredients. Yuka trained in the art of traditional Kaiseki cuisine at Tokyo’s highly regarded Kaiseki cooking school, Kinsa-Ryu.

Yuka’s extensive knowledge and expertise in Japanese home cooking and formal training enable her to teach with an approachable and friendly technique. Her concept focuses on using four main seasonal ingredients to create simple and delicious menus which are beautifully presented. Yuka is a big advocate for using local ingredients which are easily accessible and reasonable. With her creative flair and natural enthusiasm, Yuka’s classes are fun, practical and hands-on, whatever your ability. Yuka is also a committee member of CookBookFestival.

Reviews on TripAdvisor

by Denise
Japanese Gyoza Master Class
Super Gyoza class

We had a great time at this class and learned so much. Yuka is such a great teacher and makes everything clear and simple (even the fiddly bits of assembly). She is so generous with her time and sharing her experience, the class was unhurried and well paced. We especially loved the fact it was at Yuka’s home and with a small group size, this made it more special and personalised. Thank you Yuka for showing us how to make this delicious meal.

10 Nov 2019
by Rohit
Sushi Master Class
Excellent trainer!

Yuka was fun and made it all seem so straight forward and simple. It was like we were having a good conversation and suddenly at the end of it we knew how to make Sushi! Simplez!

27 Oct 2019
by Fatima
Sushi Master Class
Sushi Master Class

Chef Yuka is a great chef and lovely person. We had great time with her as well as a beautiful and delicious sushi platter made by us ❤️

Thank you Yuka for the lovely class and the amazing green tea.

13 Oct 2019
by Tom
Japanese Gyoza Master Class
Yuka’s Gyoza Class

We have fallen in love with Gyoza and more importantly we have fallen in love with Yuka. The class was booked as an anniversary present for a sushi lover and couldn’t have been better.

We were lucky that there were some cancellations so it just myself and my boyfriend. The class was two hours, we ended up staying four and a half as we all had such an incredible evening! We learnt how to make Gyoza from scratch but most importantly Yuka made us feel completely welcome in her home - the music was on, the wine and beer were flowing, conversation constant, we didn’t want to leave!

From the moment we stepped in we felt like old friends coming round for a dinner party. Incredible experience, one we won’t forget for ages and we’ll be booking many more in the future of Yuka’s classes. She is brilliant! It’s sushi at the end of the day and should be fun and social and special. Which our class certainly was. The best host we’ve ever experienced. And a Five Star chef!

Thanks so much Yuka!

Tom and Mitchell x

13 Oct 2019
It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.