27 Jan 2019 (Sun) 11:00
180 minutes
£350 per person

Sashimi and Nigiri

Sashimi and Nigiri

Time to step up your Sushi skills!
If you love fresh fish and admire Japanese sushi chef, this class is for you. Master Tomo is an active sushi chef who has been only teaching to the professional chefs for training purposes. Sozai is delighted to open this class for the keen learners (thank you for waiting!). Come and be fascinated by professional techniques and learn lots from Tomo in this special opportunity.
Suitable for both professionals and non-professionals.

You will learn;
-The introduction of fish preparing.
-How to maintain Japanese knives, utensils.
-How to cut fish for Sashimi and for Sushi : Hira-zukuri, Sogi-zukuri, Nigiri-zushi
-The art of sushi making and restaurant quality presentation.
This is a proper hands on class. Participants will have their own work space and a sashimi grade fish to cut.

Fee includes;
-All ingredients to make sashimi dish and some nigiri.
-A glass of Japanese Sake or alternative drink with your own made dinner.
-A certificate.

Limited spaces available.


Tomokazu Matsuya

Born in Hokkaido, Matsuya completed his culinary education at 17.
After obtaining his cook's license he joined the self-defense forces of Japan and for 15 years cooked for many VIPs of many nations as the forces' chef.
After starting his own venture, he took a position at SO Restaurant, London, as the Head Sushi Chef. He is currently Head Sushi Chef at Miyama Mayfair.

It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.