chocolate daifuku and mitarashi dango
13 Mar 2021 (Sat) 13:00
120 minutes
£25 per ticket
Sorry, this class is fully booked.

★ Oyatsu Vol.2: Chocolate Daifuku & Mitarashi Dango ★ 日本のおやつVol.2: チョコ大福 みたらし団子

Together with Suzue, you will make Japanese popular snacks in style!

Within this course, we will learn how to make 2 way of making mochi, chocolate ganache, and sweet & salty sauce. You have a choice make as a Vegan desserts.

Non-stick frying pan
Milk pan
Medium sauce pan
Grilling plate (or griddle or non stick frying pan)
Sieve (medium size)
Small mixing bowl x2
Cling film
Non stick silicon mat (if not cling film is fine)
Tea strainer

Glutinous rice flour
Cocoa powder
Dark chocolate
Whipping cream or Dairy free alternative cream
Soy sauce
Glucose Syrup or Honey
Ice cubes (for hot days)

Kids friendly Vegetarian Vegan Weekend Online Dessert Foundation

Suzue Aoyama

Born and brought up in Osaka, Japan, her family runs a traditional udon noodle restaurant where they also sell wagashi. Suzue was brought up surrounded by many food inspirations. While Suzue helped wagashi making at home, she used to wonder how the patisseries were made next door which led her to discover the world of patisserie.

Suzue studied at the Le Cordon Bleu in London and Paris and obtained both Patisserie and Culinary diplomas. During her training days, she gained various experiences from the world's leading hotels. Eventually, Suzue was promoted to be in charge of the renowned afternoon tea pastries at The Savoy London. She also achieved several awards including the Gold award for Tea Pastries and the Gold medal at the Culinary Olympics.

Suzue co-founded and built the premium brand 'William Curley' which won several chocolate awards and joined the world's leading association, Relais Desserts. During this time she also mentored young pastry chefs who now work successfully as pastry chefs around the world.

Suzue's philosophy is to 'Spread the Joy of Patisseries' and she would love to teach and share her skills with you.

by Sheileen
★Modern Oyatsu Vol. 1 Matcha Choux 抹茶シュークリーム★
Lovely class

Class was fun and enjoyable! Suzue was very helpful and a great teacher!

01 Mar 2021
by Izumi
★ Oyatsu Vol.3: Sansyoku-Dango & Steamed Buns ★ おやつVol.3: ひな祭り♥三色団子 & 三色蒸しパン
The best Dango evert!

I've made these kind of Japanese desserts quite few times but I can't compare to them. I always learn from Suzue-sensei lots. Thank you for your tips & recipe.

01 Mar 2021
by Lucy
☆ Oyatsu Vol.1: Mochi Dorayaki ☆ 日本のおやつVol.1:餡.餅入りどら焼き
Great class

I did the dorayaki class and it was really great. The dorayaki were delicious too! This was my second class with Sozai and I’d definitely recommend to others and I’ll be doing more

21 Feb 2021
by Barbara
☆ Oyatsu Vol.2: Chocolate Daifuku & Mitarashi Dango ☆ 日本のおやつVol.2: チョコ大福 みたらし団子
Daifuku and mitarashi dango

Enjoyed the class, even with lots of different elements to make it went along at a very relaxed pace. Enjoyed the end results as well.

15 Feb 2021
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