11 Apr 2021 (Sun) 16:00
90 minutes
£25 per ticket
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Online Making Sushi Sandwiches?! オニギラズ ONIGIRAZU 

Join us to make some modern style sushi wraps.

O-NIGIRI (おにぎり), also known as o-musubi (お結び; おむすび), nigirimeshi (握り飯; にぎりめし), or rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes and often wrapped in nori (seaweed). Most Japanese convenience stores stock their ONIGIRI with various fillings and flavours. Due to the popularity of this trend in Japan, ONIGIRI has become a popular staple in Japanese restaurants worldwide.

O-NIGIRAZU (おにぎらず) is a type of ONIGIRI, but rather than a traditionally shaped ball or a triangle, ONIGIRAZU is shaped into a flat rectangle, almost like a sandwich.

ONIGIRAZU is wrapped on the outside with seaweed, just like a traditional ONIGIRI, and includes rice with various fillings as well. Essentially, ONIGIRAZU may be thought of as a hybrid Japanese rice ball sandwich.



-About MIZKAN vinegar
-Making own sushi vinegar
-How to prepare the fillings
-How to make 3 ONIGIRAZU



< Sushi base >
200g Sushi Rice
3 Sushi Nori ( Full size )

4 Tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tsp Sea Salt
*Alternatively, choose a ready made 4Tbsp Sushi seasoning vinegar

Let's put 3 colour fillings in 1 ONIGIRAZU

Example ingredients, recipe, shops list with some discount code, a zoom link and other details will be informed beforehand by your instructor.

Bowl & Strainer to wash and drain the sushi rice
Bowl filled the water for wetting your hand and knife
Bowl / lasagne dish & spatula to mix the sushi rice
Saucepan and the lid to cook the rice
Flying pan to cook the mince / Tempeh
Knife and chopping board
Jam jar or cup to mix the sushi vinegar
Cling film

Instructor : Izumi Nakamura


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Sponsored by Mizkan

The Mizkan Group has been producing authentic Japanese sushi seasonings and vinegars for more than 200 years.
Nowadays, Mizkan is the number one vinegar company in Japan, with operations across America, Europe and Asia.

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Izumi Nakamura

Izumi grew up in Amakusa, a beautiful chain of five islands located in the south of Japan, blessed with delicious, natural, wholesome food -Izumi has never been far away from the joy that food can bring, honing her super-healthy recipes in surroundings with rich history.

She draws upon this upbringing in her work as an outstanding sushi chef, dietary consultant, and qualified sake sommelier. Her background as a trained and experienced pharmacist also enables her to create dishes and menus that are as nutritionally balanced as they are delicious.

She shares her passion for Japanese cooking and the health benefits to be had from it through her fun, informal, hands-on lessons. Her down to earth teaching and creative demonstrations at many companies and shows. She is the GM of Sozai cooking school, managing many events in London and creating various of live streaming shows. She is also founder of 5 Incorporated Ltd, offering private chef/corporate event catering services.

Izumi is a member of the Japanese Culinary Academy UK.

by Ben
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.2 Futomaki and Tamagoyaki
Top Class

Really enjoyed the Sushi Master Class 2. Lots of top tips and a great result at the end. Confident to move on to the next level.

19 Apr 2021
by Os
Online Sushi Master Class Vol.1 Uramaki & Temari
An excellent introduction to sushi making

I found the beginners class very useful to start my journey into sushi making!

28 Mar 2021
by Felicity
Sozai Friends ONIGIRAZU
Great fun!!

Thank you so much for this evening's class...it was soo good! You guys outdo yourselves every time! I loved everything about the class and my little boy declared the onigirazu 'maybe even better than pizza'! You've honestly really brightened up my day again. I loved all the tips and insight you share with us...the class was perfectly taught!

I can't wait for the next class (I'm obsessed!).

23 Mar 2021
by Sandrine
Mother's Day ROSE Sushi Class
A sushi experience to remember!

I had great fun on this virtual Sushi session. I finally know how to delicious sushi at home with a handful of ingredients.

Izumi san was knowledgeable and patient and along the way there were practical demonstrations on chopping, discussing the different qualities of rice and the secret way to using bamboo rolling mats. I really enjoyed learning the right techniques and it was all very easy to follow. And the best bit – I get to devour the results!

Great way to do something different during lockdown!

18 Mar 2021
It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.