28 Feb 2021 (Sun) 11:00
300 minutes
£60 per ticket

Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2

Learn how to make Tonkotsu ramen like a pro in your kitchen!
Tonkotsu means ‘pork bones’, it refers to a regional style ramen established in Hakata, Kyusu; rich, silky, smooth pork bone broth is made patiently over long hours, it is a time-consuming process but utterly delicious and satisfying.

It is the most authentic tonkotsu making class in the UK, Akemi takes you through the journey from the beginning to the end during the cook-along class.
You will have several breaks between the class to rest and stretch your legs.

You will learn:

• Which pork bones to buy, how to prepare before cooking
• How to make tonkotsu broth
• How to make soup paste
• How to make pork charshu
• How to make aroma oils
o Spring onion and garlic oil
o Ma-yu
• How to make ramen egg
• How cook and serve ramen with toppings

1. The timing is for guidance only and it may vary depending on the pace of the class.
2. During the lunch break, you will be kindly asked to keep an eye on the tonkotsu stock which needs continuous cooking for 5 hours.
3. The class does not include the noodle making.
4. Recommend attending ‘½ Day Essential Ramen - Level 1’ before attending this class where you will learn how to make ramen noodle. Pork Char Shu and Ramen Egg recipes are different.

Stage 1 11-13:00
Tonkotsu Soup and Pork Char Shu
Basic principle of tonkotsu ramen making
Tonkotsu stock making
Soup seasoning ‘Shio Tare’ making
Pork char shu making


Stage 2 14:30 – 17:00
Secret of Tonkotsu Soup - Aroma Oils and Ramen Egg
Aroma oil 1 ‘Pork’ oil
Aroma oil 2 Black ‘Ma-yu’ oil
Aroma oil 3 ‘Garlic and spring onion’ oil

How to make the perfect half-boiled egg
Ramen egg
Strain tonkotsu stock
Cooking and assembling the tonkotsu ramen


On booking, you will receive a full shopping list, a list of shops you can buy Japanese ingredients and zoom joining instruction. Full class recipe is emailed to you a week before the class.

You need the following for the class:


Bicarbonate of soda
Pig’s trotters
Pork back fat
Pork backbones
Pork belly
Ramen noodle
Rice vinegar
Sesame seeds
Spring onion
Sushi Nori seaweed
Vegetable oil or neutrally flavoured vegetable-based oil
White pepper

*You can purchase these items from Japanese food shops or online. We will provide the list of shops on booking.


1 large pot for tonkotsu stock
• Minimum size for 3 portions (900ml) 4L pot
• Minimum size for 6 portions (1.8L) 7L pot
1 medium saucepan (tall and slim ideal)
2 small saucepans
Several medium bowls
1 wooden spatula
1 knife
1 chopping board
1 small sieve
2 large sieves
1 blender
3 burner hobs

If you have any queries about the class, please contact the instructor Akemi on akemi@sozai.co.uk

Ramen Weekend Online Intermediate

Akemi Yokoyama

Akemi Yokoyama is a Japanese chef, presenter and culinary instructor based in London. Her regular classes at Sozai Cooking School have received very favourable reviews in national media, including Time Out and The Telegraph. She has also appeared on the popular TV programme, C4’s Sunday Brunch, teaching the presenters how to make sushi. Her friendly teaching style is easy to follow and informative, she will teach the art of healthy Japanese home cooking to students at all levels.

Akemi’s enthusiasm for gastronomy originated early in her childhood in Sapporo, where enjoying the spoils of wild vegetable foraging and sea fishing were regular family activities. This drove her understanding regarding the importance of the freshest, highest quality ingredients together with exquisite taste pairings in Japanese food.

She demonstrates Japanese cooking at various diverse events and she regularly works with the Japanese government’s related organizations promoting Japanese cuisine to the media and public. Akemi was recently invited to the prestigious cruise ship MS Queen Elizabeth as the guest chef to entertain guests with the authentic Japanese cuisines and to train their chefs.

Akemi is a member of the Japanese Culinary Academy UK, is a certified miso sommelier, and has the professional sake qualification WSET Sake Level 3.

by Sheileen
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Excellent Class

Akemi was very knowledgable in ramen making and the class was well paced. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

01 Mar 2021
by Lea
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Ramen 1/2 levels 1 & 2

An amazing way of spending half a day. The recipes are great. The instructions and context provided by Akemi are very helpful. I've made ramen several times since!

28 Feb 2021
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Ramen Stories by Akemi!

Always fun and convivial, once again I've really enjoyed Akemi's 1/2 Day Tonkotsu Ramen Class.
Her recipes are simply delicious.
Thanks to Akemi, I can make tasty bowl of Ramen in my kitchen now.I would absolutely recommend her class!

01 Feb 2021
by Vivienne
Online 1/2 Day Essential Ramen - Ramen Level 1
Japanese Ramen

It was great and Akemi was very friendly and adaptable to just the two participants and end result delicious. I really enjoyed the history and culture behind ramen making. I suppose my only comment about the course was that the course could be shortened by suggesting the two lengthy parts of the dish be cooked beforehand? I had to do this anyway as I had difficulty in obtaining a chicken carcass but had ready made stock in the freezer and had to pre-cook the belly pork but preferred to do this so I could skim off excess fat.

11 Jan 2021
It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.