21 Nov 2021 (Sun) 11:00
120 minutes
£75 per ticket

Roll & Roll Sushi Class

If you love sushi and are wondering how to use your bamboo mat in your cupboard, this class is for you.
The experienced instructor would love to share her tips and skills with you. She offers 'hands-on' experience giving you the confidence to make amazing sushi at home to wow your family and friends.

You will learn how to prepare sushi rice and more in this informal and creative classes. You will be making 3 kinds of popular sushi rolls such as Hoso-maki (slim-roll),Futo-maki (giant-roll), Ura-maki (inside-out-roll).

At the end of the class you will be able to enjoy tasting your very own Sushi along with a glass of your choice drink.
You can also take a Bento box home with you to show off your handy work.

This class is the perfect experience gift for a birthday or anniversary.

Sushi Kids friendly Weekend

Izumi Nakamura

Izumi grew up in Amakusa, a beautiful chain of five islands located in the south of Japan, blessed with delicious, natural, wholesome food -Izumi has never been far away from the joy that food can bring, honing her super-healthy recipes in surroundings with rich history.

She draws upon this upbringing in her work as an outstanding sushi chef, dietary consultant, and qualified sake sommelier. Her background as a trained and experienced pharmacist also enables her to create dishes and menus that are as nutritionally balanced as they are delicious.

She shares her passion for Japanese cooking and the health benefits to be had from it through her fun, informal, hands-on lessons. Her down to earth teaching and creative demonstrations at many companies and shows. She is the GM of Sozai cooking school, managing many events in London and creating various of live streaming shows. She is also founder of 5 Incorporated Ltd, offering private chef/corporate event catering services.

Izumi is a member of the Japanese Culinary Academy UK.

by Nichola
Virtual Sushi Class with YUTAKA SUSHI KIT
Sushi Class

Really enjoyed the virtual sushi making class. Thank you

15 Sep 2021
by Deb
Virtual Sushi Class with YUTAKA SUSHI KIT
Class was recorded

I didn't like the fact that the class was recorded.

15 Sep 2021
by Barbara
Virtual Sushi Class with YUTAKA SUSHI KIT
Sushi class

I took the class with my niece and she says - the sushi class was fun and the instructor was very kind and told us a lot, like how the california roll/uramaki was invented. It was very tasty and will make more sushi (Neve)

14 Aug 2021
by Swati
3. Online Sushi Master Class Vol.3 Shikai-maki. Gunkan & Nigiri sushi
Dr swati piramal

I really enjoyed the class . I’d love to have a recording if possible because they are nuances I would repeat hearing again and again. The teacher was fabulous!
I will do more of her classes.

17 Jul 2021
It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.