by Lea
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Ramen 1/2 levels 1 & 2

An amazing way of spending half a day. The recipes are great. The instructions and context provided by Akemi are very helpful. I've made ramen several times since!

28 Feb 2021
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Ramen Stories by Akemi!

Always fun and convivial, once again I've really enjoyed Akemi's 1/2 Day Tonkotsu Ramen Class.
Her recipes are simply delicious.
Thanks to Akemi, I can make tasty bowl of Ramen in my kitchen now.I would absolutely recommend her class!

01 Feb 2021
by Vivienne
Online 1/2 Day Essential Ramen - Ramen Level 1
Japanese Ramen

It was great and Akemi was very friendly and adaptable to just the two participants and end result delicious. I really enjoyed the history and culture behind ramen making. I suppose my only comment about the course was that the course could be shortened by suggesting the two lengthy parts of the dish be cooked beforehand? I had to do this anyway as I had difficulty in obtaining a chicken carcass but had ready made stock in the freezer and had to pre-cook the belly pork but preferred to do this so I could skim off excess fat.

11 Jan 2021
by haruko
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Fab Tonkotsu Ramen Class ♥ by Fab teacher Akemi

Thank you akemi-sensei for hosting such a wonderful class. Lots and lots of new discoveries (Started with purchasing unfamiliar items from local butcher!) This simple ramen dish is comprised of so many components, boiled pork slice, seasoned egg, aromatic oils, let alone tonkotsu soup and noodle making. After 6 hours of hard work, the ramen was extremely tasty and I couldn't believe that it was possible to make this kind of authentic tonkotsu ramen in humble family kitchen!!

19 Nov 2020