by haruko
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Fab Tonkotsu Ramen Class ♥ by Fab teacher Akemi

Thank you akemi-sensei for hosting such a wonderful class. Lots and lots of new discoveries (Started with purchasing unfamiliar items from local butcher!) This simple ramen dish is comprised of so many components, boiled pork slice, seasoned egg, aromatic oils, let alone tonkotsu soup and noodle making. After 6 hours of hard work, the ramen was extremely tasty and I couldn't believe that it was possible to make this kind of authentic tonkotsu ramen in humble family kitchen!!

19 Nov 2020
by Miho
Online TONKOTSU RAMEN - Ramen Level 2
Surprised! Real Tonkotsu Ramen!

I was so surprised to know that one can make Tonkotsu Ramen with such a simple ingredients. The taste was truly deep and rich Tonkotsu soup!
Akemi was going to very much in details that I learnt so much. Much more than what I was expected on my Ramen class. I truly enjoyed cooking along and I forgot the time. I even did not feel it was 6 hours. It was almost pity to eat my Ramen at the end.
If you would like to learn how to make real Tonkotsu Ramen, you should not miss!
I cannot wait to try another Akemi's course not only Ramen but all other course. She was just amazing. I highly recommend her class.
Thank you so much for the deep knowledge and I am looking forward to the next course!

18 Nov 2020
Online 1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class - Level 1
Amazing class, teacher and final product!

What an amazing class and the final dish was phenomenal! Akemi was such a great teacher, very attentive and made sure that each student was keeping up with each step. The class was really fun. My noodles rolled by hand were not great however Akemi troubleshooted straight away and told me how to improve. The final result was amazing, best ramen ever. With the ramen making broken down by broth, meat, egg and noodles, it makes the dish ramen so simple. It was also nice to have an insight into the history and culture of ramen. Great class! I really highly recommend the Ramen class. Thank you Akemi.

09 Nov 2020
by Paul
1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)
Really fun and effective course

I really enjoyed the day and learnt how to make a delicious ramen. Very good practical tips

My only suggestion is to make each section in the ingredients list for the same number of people - unfortunately I only scanned it ( my fault) and ended up making broth for 6 and noodles for 2!

21 Sep 2020