60 minutes
£30 per ticket
Minimum 1 ticket

INTERACTIVE Cook Along Group / Party Sake Chocolate Truffles Making

Love chocolate?
Love having fun with your group?

This class is prefect for you. Let's make Sake Chocolate Truffle together.

We are pleased to introduce a several awards winner chef including the Gold award for Tea Pastries and the Gold medal at the Culinary Olympics. Suzue is also co-founded and built the premium brand 'William Curley' which won several chocolate awards and joined the world's leading
association, Relais Desserts.

What to do in the class.

1. Make chocolate ganache, allow to cool down and set.
2. Pipe the chocolate ganache, allow to chill in the fridge.
3. Dip the truffles and toss in the cocoa powder.
4. Serve, taste and enjoy!

That's it. So simple but you'll learn many tips for sure.
Small pan
Medium sauce pan
Small bowl
Small/Medium bowl
Piping bag
Piping nozzle (about 12mm)
Tray (for piping ganache)- you can also use chopping board
Silicon paper or baking parchment
Tray for tossing cocoa powder – it can get messy, deep tray is recommended

Whipping cream
Dark chocolate (around 70%)
Unsalted butter
Cocoa powder
Dark chocolate
* Please note, our online minimum charge is required £120 and this is from 1 to 4 participants.

* More details will be sent after your booking.

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