90 minutes
£120 per ticket
Minimum 1 ticket

Kid's Birthdays and Celebrations- hands on sushi maki rolls and temari sushi class

Kids love to learn and have new experiences!
We offer interactive cook-along sushi making classes for small group to whole classes, up to 25 participants.

Ideal for safer birthday parties in these unpredictable times, positively acquiring new skills or just as a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family.


Our instructors and members of the Japan culinary academy UK are developing a "SHOKUIKU" project for children.

*SHOKUIKU (Kanji: 食育) is the Japanese term for "food education".
Japanese preschools have a teacher whose job is to provide dietary education to children. SHOKUIKU classes study the process of making food, from farming and fermentation, to how additives create flavour, and where food comes from.


-How to cut vegetables
-How to make slim roll sushi
-How to make ball shaped sushi
-Enjoy Sushi party!!

-Bowl and sieve to wash and drain sushi rice
-Saucepan with lid to cook the rice
-Bowl or lasagne dish or Handai and spatula to mix the sushi rice with sushi vinegar
-Knife and chopping board
-Cling film
-Kitchen towel

Please have ready 6 sticks of vegetable of choice (1cm x 1cm x 9cm ) to make 3 rolls.
eg: cucumber, carrot, avocado, pepper, cheese

Please prepare 4-6 slices (3 x 3cm ) to make 4-6 sushi balls
eg: slices of smoked salmon, sliced sushi grade fish, avocado, pickles, salad vegetables, marinated mushroom, sliced strawberry, sliced cheese



We can deliver a sushi kit box as an additional option. This kit includes props and ingredients for 2 people to make sushi. Sushi kits for 4 people can be provided upon request. Please enquire in provided form.

・Bamboo mat
・Nori seaweed sheets
・Sushi rice
・Rice vinegar
・Roasted sesame seeds *Allergen alert

The sushi kit box makes your life easier! Just procure fresh ingredients from your local super market and you're all set.

Minimum charge for this cook-along class is £120, catering for 1-4 participants.
We're also very experienced in hosting larger groups and would be delighted to make your kid's day that extra bit special!

The fee for group classes will depend on duration, number of participants, and additional options if any. Please provide as much detail as you can in the enquiry form.

The experienced team will do the best to offer you a memorable and successful event.

*Up to two household members are welcome to join with one purchased ticket.