90 minutes
£120 per ticket
Minimum 1 ticket

Sushi Making Party for all ages- Maki Rolls and Temari Sushi

We offer fun, informative and interactive online Sushi making classes for up to 100 participants.



-Cooking the perfect sushi rice at home
-Making own sushi seasoning vinegar
-The art of sushi making
-Japanese cultural background


< Home kitchen utensils >
-Bowl and sieve to wash and drain the sushi rice
-Saucepan and the lid to cook the rice
-Bowl / lasagne dish / Handai and spatula to mix the sushi rice and sushi vinegar
-Knife and chopping board
-Cling film
-Kitchen towel

< Inside out roll fillings >
Each example makes 1 roll. You’ll make 2-3 rolls.

・1/8 Avocado & 50g Sashimi grade fish
・1/8 Avocado & 1/2 Carrot
・9cm length Cucumber & 2 Kanikama (seafood stick)
・9cm Cucumber & 1/4 Sweet pepper
・9cm Cucumber & 80g tuna or crab meat (canned) + mayo

< Little ball shape sushi top >
1 piece to make 1 ball sushi. Approx size 4x4cm. You’ll make 4-6.

・Sashimi grade fish slice
・Smoked salmon slice
・Avocado or any other salad vegetable slices/pickles


A box of sushi kit delivery is an additional option. This kit is to make sushi for 2 people in an event. We can pack for 4 people in the same box upon your request. Please enquiry in a form.

・Bamboo mat
・Sushi rice
・Rice vinegar
・Roasted sesame seeds *Allergen alert

Please book your event and kit at least one week before your preferred date.


The minimum fee for a session is £120 for 1 to 4 participants.

We also cater to larger groups, please enquire!

The package cost will be calculated by the class duration, the number of participants and the additional options. Please include as much detail as you can in the enquiry form.

The experienced Sozai team will do our best to make your event memorable and successful.

*Up to two household members are free to join for each purchased ticket.