120 minutes
£35 per ticket
Minimum 4 tickets


Yoshoku 洋食 is Japan's Western-influenced cooking which originated during the Meiji period reinvented the Japanese way. They are Japanese modified forms of European dishes, often featuring Western names. As there are hardly any Yoshoku restaurants outside of Japan, why not try making them at home? The Japanese modified Western dishes are absolutely delicious and guaranteed to be your family's favourite repertoire.

In this online class we will be cooking:
- Grilled Hambaagu (Hamburger Steak)
- Potato Salad
- Glazed Carrot & Green Beans

Experience cooking the popular Yoshoku classics in this fun and interactive class. Kinu will lead you through the making in this step-by-step online cook-a-long.

No need to pay extra fee for your house members unto 4 people to join you.

A smaller party less than 4 participants will be requested with the price from £120.

Full ingredients & equipment list and the ZOOM online class link will be emailed to participants after the booking.

Any requests and queries, please let us know in the form.