10 Jun 2019 (Mon) 19:00
120 minutes
£49.50 per ticket
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Japanese Zen Cuisine-SHOJIN at Nourish cafe in Bath

精進料理 Syojin Ryori

Don't miss out!! Opportunity to experience Master Tanahashi's sell-out 'Shojin Royri' pop-up at Nourish Restaurant in Bath. A 6 course fine-dining, plant-based foodie extravaganza!

Master Tanahashi is highly regarded among some of the world's most famous chefs, Alain Ducasse is a huge fan and he has hosted this Temple cuisine pop-up in some of the World best known restaurants, including the Four Seasons and Carousel, London.

Shojin combines deep love and respect for the plants with mindful preparation and slow, slow preparation of food that nourishes the body, mind and soul.

Master Tanahashi spends 2 hours every morning grinding sesame by hand, in a meditative state to preparation his sesame tofu and dressings for his beloved plant based dishes! We can not tell you what's on the menu because Tanahashi San himself will not know until he has visited the market on the morning of the pop-up and discussed with the vegetables which will be the best to use on the day!

The techniques of the exciting cuisine, which make your body happy, and respect for the soil and earth is the Shojin spirit. The origin of shojin started in Japan in the 6th century when Buddhism was brought to Japan from China, and it became widespread with the development of Zen Buddhism from the 13th century onwards. Shojin is often explained as a form of traditional Zen vegetarian cooking, but Tanahashi’s style of shojin absolutely goes beyond.



More info : https://www.zecoow.com/

Limited space.

Special Vegan Weekend

Sozai Special guest chefs

We are proud of welcoming the most talented chefs of Japanese cuisine from all over the world.

by Mary Allan
Japanese Zen Cuisine-SHOJIN at Nourish cafe in Bath
Shojin meal

Mr Tanahashi created the most amazing meal over six courses, which was satisfying, delicious and utterly splendid. He told us that no machines are used in the food creation which is just astonishing, especially when the dishes were complicated and intricate.

An excellent meal and great service, too!

11 Jun 2019
by Mary Allan
Japanese Zen Cuisine- SHOJIN

Lovely presentation of cooking with meditation. A printed sheet with the ingredients for the sesame dressing and a list of stockists of the tools required to make it would have been useful.

The dressing made the vegetables taste really delicious and I will try it once I have the appropriate kitchen tools.

06 Jun 2019
by Isobel
Japanese Zen Cuisine- SHOJIN
Zen Cuisine with Shojin Master Toshai Tanahashi

My friend & I, really enjoyed every minute of this lovely event, it ticked all the boxes, in terms of Mind, Body & Spirit. Delivered in beautiful surroundings with great friendly people. We would highly recommend & can’t wait for another opportunity to see u all again. Thankyou! ?✨

05 Jun 2019
It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.