12 Oct 2021 (Tue) 18:30
90 minutes
£25 per ticket

Online Katsu Curry Cook along with YUTAKA

Learn how to make one of Japan's most popular dish, Katsu Curry in the comfort of your own kitchen in this Zoom Online Cooking class. We will create a vegetable curry and the Katsu options to adapt the recipe for chicken Katsu, or Aubergine Katsu.

Once you try the authentic Japanese Katsu Curry freshly prepared in your kitchen, Katsu Curry will sure be one of your favourite repertoires at home.

You will learn how to make the following
- How to cook rice
- Japanese Curry from Roux
- Chicken or Aubergine Katsu (or other ingredient of your preference)

Ingredient List: Serve for 2
180g Japanese sushi Rice
50g Yutaka Curry Roux (half pack)
1P Yutaka Panko
1 Onions
1 Carrots
1 Potatoes
2 Chicken breast / Aubergine
50g Flour (plain or gluten-free)
1 Egg
Vegetable Oil / Sunflower Oil (for deep frying)

Equipments list:
-Sauce pan and a lid to cook rice
-Sauce pan to cook curry
-Sieve to wash and drain the rice
-Flying pan to deep frying the chicken / aubergine
-3 bowls / plates or trays to make Katsu
-2 Tongs / forks or cooking chopsticks etc

A ZOOM online class link will be emailed to participants 1 day before the class. Any queries, please feel free to write to info@sozai.co.uk

Sponsored by : Yutaka London

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Online Intermediate

Sozai Special Event

We are proud of welcoming the most talented chefs of Japanese cuisine from all over the world.

by Helen
Online Katsu Curry Cook along with YUTAKA
Katsu Curry Class with Izi

Welcome and class, what I say of it, brilliant
Follow up notes fabulous

Thank you and well done. I will recommend you and definitely think about buying classes for presents, including for myself!

13 Oct 2021
by Ken
Master SUDA Live streaming from Japan, the seasonal fresh fish tempura Donburi
Amazing knife skills and an exciting way with tempura

Thank you, Master Suda and Sozai for a fascinating Japanese Cookery Lesson today.

The knife skills of Master Suda are amazing, as are his knives. His preparation of the sea eel was a work of art. It was wonderful just to see him at work, though I don't think I'll be trying this at home.

I found the tempura section very instructive. I have never seen, nor read, about making tempura this way before – sprinkling batter into the hot oil before frying the floured and battered vegetables. I think I will try at home now. The results look wonderful.

I really enjoy these sessions as they give an insight into "true" Japanese cookery and to the different styles and skills.

08 Aug 2021
by Shizu
Healthy Yummy Soft Dango

This was the easiest recipe I have ever had from Suzue. It is also my son's favourite sweet. He said "It's so good, I can't stop eating it. Please make it every day."
I was very surprised to see how soft they remained in the fridge the next day.
I would like to try making green Dango next time.
Thank you very much Suzue san !!

23 Jul 2021
Another lovely Tofu dish!

Perfect dish for a hot summer. First time trying making mochi myself. Really good!

21 Jul 2021
It is the perfect experience gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, graduate, Christmas, Mother's day, or any special occasion! The lucky recipient can choose from our various yummy cooking classes.