28 Jun 2020 (Sun) 18:00
90 minutes
£25 per ticket
Sorry, this class is fully booked.


Learn how the cook this popular Japanese street food, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, and Okonomiyaki varieties. The name Okonomiyaki derived from the word ‘okonomi’ meaning ‘as you like it’ and ‘yaki’ meaning ‘grill’. This cook-a-long class is full of professional tips on how to grill them the proper way. Kinu will lead you through the making in this step-by-step online cook-a-long class.

Enjoy making these street food classics with your favourite toppings in the comfort of your own kitchen. They are guaranteed to be your family new favourite repertoire.

Class Menu:
Okonomiyaki Kansai Style
Yaki Soba
Omelette Soba (Yakisoba wrapped in egg omelette)
Modern Yaki (Yakisoba in Okonomiyaki)

Ingredient List:
Cabbage (pointed cabbage, ideally)
Spring Onions
Flour (plain, self-raising, gluten-free)
Dashi Powder
Chinese Egg Noodles
Toppings of your preference (meat slices, seafood, vegetables, cheese, etc)
Okonomiyaki Sauce or Bulldog Sauce
Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes (optional)
Aonori Seaweed (optional)
Shichimi Chili (optional)

Detailed ingredients / equipment list and the ZOOM online class link will be emailed to participants after the booking. Any queries, please feel free to write to umekakitchen@gmail.com.

Special Vegetarian Vegan Weekend Online

Kinu Yukawa

Kinu Yukawa is a cooking instructor, food stylist and private chef from Kobe, Japan. She ventured into the world of food early in life and fostered the basics of cooking from her grandmother who was a chef. Later she trained at Ecole Ritz Escoffier Paris and traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto.

Kinu believes in the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy in enjoying food with the body's five senses as well as cooking with the colourful produce in season. Bringing 'harmony' to the body nourished by the seasonal 'food' which is one of the meanings of the word 'Washoku' (the harmony of food), the Japanese terminology for Japanese cuisine.

Kinu has been teaching Japanese cooking at the Japan Centre London since 2011, sharing her expertise and knowledge of Japanese cooking and styling to students of all walks of life and various levels of culinary interests.

Visit her website @
Deliciously Japanese

by Sam
Fantastic class!

Thank you Kinu-san, you are an amazing teacher. What a fantastic class! It was a great Father’s day gift voucher ever I had. To be honest, I didn't know what I was going to do. The end of the class, I cooked amazing dinner for my family, so proud of myself. I want to cook more.

06 Jul 2020
by Rio
Online Katsu Curry MasterClass
Online Katsu Curry MasterClass

Thank you so much for the class! The class was very fun and easy to follow. We learnt a lot about making Chicken Katsu & Kushi Katsu, and how to also properly make curry as we were following the box instructions before. Kinu is a fantastic teacher!! Will definitely be attending more classes!

17 Jun 2020
by Thomas
Online Katsu Curry MasterClass
Katsu Curry MasterClass

Great class! Very easy instructions for preparation and during the class. Kinu-san (teacher) was very helpful and constantly checking on each individual progress.
The dishes were an instant success with my wife and kids, making it now one of my staple home cooking recipes.
I had the chance to try these dishes in Japan and I managed to create even better home made dishes. So easy when you have the tricks from Kinu-san.

15 Jun 2020
by Susan Morrison
Online Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba Varieties MasterClass

Despite my technical issues, the class was fantastic. Informal yet informative, Kinu is a fantastic teacher and I was so pleased with the final dishes.
Thank you so much for inviting me
I’d absolutely love to attend more classes

13 Jun 2020
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