Class Suggestions

Please let us know your favourite Japanese dish that you wish to make at home.

Anything you ate in a fancy restaurant, or your takeaway favourite which you would love to cook at home?

Interesting suggestions will be put up for vote online and the most popular dish will be incorporated into a class. The winning suggestion will receive a class voucher for 2. *

* Class voucher to a value of £75 per person. Valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
**We reserve the right to select the dish for online vote.

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Ramen , Gyoza , Okonomiyaki

Any thoughts on Ramen , Gyoza or Okonomiyaki lessons? Regards James

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Suggested by Ramen or Gyoza classes?
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ramen dishes and okonomiyaki

I was introduced to Japanese street food in Tokyo and Kyoto. I have not been able to forget those tasty ramen dishes and okonomiyaki! I would love to learn how to cook those and other street food treats at home.

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Suggested by Sari
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ramen / noodle soup class.

Hi there, I'd definitely be interested in a ramen / noodle soup class. Please let me know if this becomes availible. Best wishes

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Suggested by Gareth
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Tonkotsu ramen

I am crazy about Tonkotsu ramen and I really want to know how to make a really good tonkotsu soup. Thanks.

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Suggested by Takeshi

Your class suggestions?

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