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Party Sushi II21/06/2017by Asim ( Dinner Party Sushi II )
Overall :

Amazing Course, it was great fun and the instructor was really helpful even with my limited abilities, and of course you get to eat everything you make so you cant lose.

A Great Class16/06/2017by London Lover ( Tasty Japanese Vegetable Recipes )
Overall :

A great cookery lesson. I learnt to make 5 dishes which tasted and looked great too. Both beginners and advanced cooks would enjoy the class. I highly recommend the class and would go to another one. The food tasted delicious.

Black Cod and Miso15/06/2017by Ben ( Black Cod and Miso )
Overall :

A great class with a great instructor.

Everything was straight forward and resulted in great food at the end. I would highly recommend as I don't think anyone else offers this course in London.

Great class14/06/2017by Jelena ( Black Cod and Miso )
Overall :

When you thinking of Japanese classes, you definitely looking to take a course from Japanese chef!
I was amazed of finding a course how to prepare miso black cod! I love this dish and recently wanted to learn how to cook it! So here I found this cool modern Japanese school!
Very interesting and easy going teacher! ( helpful stuff)
I really enjoyed this class and was surprised how easy is to prepare this tasty fish! Looking forward of coming next week for sushi master class!

Sushi making class at Proud East29/05/2017by Judith ( Proud East 'POP UP JAPAN' Sushi Class )
Overall :

Satomi made the lesson clear and easy to follow. We learned some really useful tips and tricks for rolling and cutting sushi.

Great time!22/05/2017by Minami ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

I have enjoyed this class and she is friendly and lovely teacher!!! Thanks very much for Yuka-san : )

Great Sushi Class 22/05/2017by C & T ( Proud East 'POP UP JAPAN' Sushi Class )
Overall :

This sushi class was great: good atmosphere, caring teacher and the sushis we made were both pretty and delicious!

Great Class16/05/2017by Lesley ( Black Cod and Miso )
Overall :

I have enjoyed this course & will put to good use the tips & knowledge shared by Akemi. Will definately attend another course soon.

Enjoyable15/05/2017by Pamela ( Proud East 'POP UP JAPAN' Sushi Class )
Overall :

Very enjoyable class - the main issue was the venue. REally you felt it was putting sushi together - no cooking or real rice tips involed...The music and lighting made it difficult. We couldn't hear very well and also the instructor was too dark. The set up should have been set so she was facing the windows not the other way around.
Anyway it was enjoyable but a bit low key - also lasted 50 m ins not an hour by the time we got started.

Great night05/05/2017by Scott Helyer ( Dinner Party Sushi 1 )
Overall :

Akemi is a great instructor and made the evening fun and informative for all. We discussed that we would really like a course that showed how to fillet a whole fish and use in various sushi's.

I will be back for Part 2!


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