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Exciting, Informative and Engaging Evening With a Brilliant Instructor09/10/2017by Seth ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

The scope of this class is broad, teaching how to make four different type of sushi, but it somehow did not feel rushed or frantic at all.
Yuka is an excellent and encouraging teacher: warm, funny, patient and open to any question, no matter how basic. She was careful to stress the most important aspects of the preparation until everyone understood, while her lively manner and constant cheeky joking created more of a family than classroom atmosphere.
As a group we all felt like friends by the end even though I'd come on my own, and I'm confident I'd be able to impress with my sushi-making skills now!

Warmly recommended, great class - and yummy dinner!22/09/2017by Giulia ( Ramen Class )
Overall :

I chose this class as a present for myself and a visiting friend, and wasn't disappointed at all! Akemi is a super knowledgeable teacher, precise and fun, and truly passionate about food making; she was always encouraging her students and sharing tips and tricks. We made the noodles, the most crucial part of the dish, from scratch (individually, not in pairs, and from start to finish, unlike in other schools I have tried in London), the eggs and the soup base, and we collaborated in the preparation of stock and chashu pork, the more time-consuming elements that had to be cooked in bulk; we then cooked our own ramen and created our bowls, and enjoyed them with some lovely saké, all the while learning about more possible combinations, bases and techniques. Everything was timed perfectly, we had professional utensils at our disposal and most importantly - we had a great time that made us want to take more classes with Akemi-san! I would definitely recommend this class if you're into Japanese food. One of the best culinary experiences I have had in my life and across 4 European countries!

Yuka's sushi class09/09/2017by Geraldo ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Absolutely ideal as a course for beginners, combining both education and entertainment. Yuka has the very considerable ability to keep her audience amused and entertained whilst imparting the vital skills required for sushi-making. Yuka is funny, witty and extremely proficient. Looking at the ingredients at the start I never thought we could produce something so beautiful, delicious and professional-looking. The preparation of the rice is paramount, and here Yuka establishes very clear guidelines and the results are amazing! All in all a very enjoyable two hours with the fruits of your labours to take home. So, as one would say in Japan, どうもありがとうございました, dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

I wonderful and encouraging way to learn how to make suchi07/09/2017by Mohan ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

I really enjoyed this class. I wanted to learn how to make suchi and I had heard that Yuki is something of a performer as well as a chef. And this was certainly true. She gently took us through the background, three types of suchi, the demonstration and then of course the practical side where we made suchi rolls. She knew how to cater for a diverse audience in terms of age and range of knowledge and abilities. I really appreciated her style of encouragement and confidence building too. Looking back, I was surprised how much we learnt, how much we did, and how much food we made. It was delicious then to eat it with a good array of beverages to wash it down with. Yuka is a great teacher with a light touch sense of humour too. And with a practical side to how people live their lives, her advice showed that as well as being a chef and teacher, she is also one of us! I recommend this highly.

Ramen31/08/2017by Victoria Sanderson ( Ramen Class )
Overall :

I took my 2 daughters aged 13 & 9 on this course. My eldest is a vegetarian and the school were very accommodating. Both girls enjoyed the noodle making and eating the ramen at the end of the class. I can't recommend this enough. There is the correct amount of participation, demonstration and information on the history of Ramen.

Fantastic experience learning how to make sushi with Yuka! 25/08/2017by Jordanna ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

My partner and I are big fans of eating suishi, but had no idea how to begin making it at home so we were looking forward to this master class. We were not disappointed. Yuka was very welcoming and put us as ease as she explained her training and passion for this type of cusine. She was easy to follow and her demonstrations and explanations were exceptional. Plus, she was also warm and funny too! We came away with a large tray of sushi - which we proud of definately enjoyed eating...! Would recommend this experience to anyone.

What a great experience!25/08/2017by Vanessa and Antonio ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Thanks Yuka for this great experience. It was a very interactive and meaningful class. Your confidence and expertise were key for our learning.
We definitely had a lovely time and we are ready to demonstrate our new skills by making sushi to our family and friends.
We recommend this class to everyone who likes sushi and is looking for a rewarding and tasty experience!
Arigato gozaimasu, Yuka!

A wonderful treat20/08/2017by Jessie ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

I had a brilliant time and felt more confident with my newly aquired knife skills. I cant wait to come back for the next class and keep practicing my sushi making. Yuka is an inspiration and so talented at helping you to feel at ease so you can try new things and come away with the confidence to make your own Sushi. Class size was perfect and my friend really enjoyed herself too, although it was mainly for me, she had a brilliant time also. Would recommend to anyone with a love for Sushi or interest in Japanese culture and food.

Excellent at every level03/08/2017by Giles ( Dinner Party Sushi 1 )
Overall :

Akemi is an excellent teacher, explained the art of sushi making in a fun way. Utterly recommendable!

Sushi masterclass 31/07/2017by Loudance ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Loved this class. We learned lots and Yuma was a charming and brilliant instructor who is passionate about what she does.

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