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VERY friendly and warmly kind to attendants20/03/2017by Hopeful ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

The instructor Yuka was very friendly and patient to teach us beginners how to make roll sushi. She isn't only friendly, but also I saw that she did pay attention on every single student as much as she could in the given time. We also witnessed that she did demonstrate her professional cooking skills as much as she could in the limited setting what she was allowed to use. I think this class is perfect for beginners to open a new door for beautiful Japanese cuisine via making sushi... How she demonstrated bits of her cooking knowledge made at least me curious to know and understand more about Japanese cooking! Her talking and teaching skills are excellent. as she is fun(she makes boring or complicated topics to be fun! She is great to make such things to be an entertainment for even unenthusiastic students) and make us feel easy when we are naturally intimidated by the lack of our own cooking skills in front of a well qualified chef like her. She makes it so easy for us to understand how to make sushi even though it was mystery to us... It was so much fun to make roll sushis with her and fellow students together. It's the best way to learn anything by listening and doing at the same time! She was one of the best instructors to facilitate the great learning environment as far as I remember in all my life, as I attended some cooking classes so far. I recommend her class if you want to learn about cooking, even if you don't know anything about it! She isn't threatening but just so kind, warm, fun and patient to teach! Thank you so much Ms Yuka for teaching us on the precious Sunday morning! The sushi we made by having your instruction was so tasty! Thank you so much! I've truly enjoyed everything in the class!

Good entertainment13/03/2017by Sushi Master ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Yuka was averu good entertainer with her charming conversation. She demonstrated how to cook sushi rice, which was very practical way for begginers.
She should have her own TV cookig show.
The class was for the begginers.It wast very simple and consice but very enough to get basic idea and techniqu of sushi. I may be able to make sushi for my guest next week. She sent me the recipe and some shopping list after classes by email. That was very usuful.
Only downside was prepared kniofe for us was not sharp enough to cut sushi roll.
I reccomend for small team building occaision.

Great experience!13/02/2017by Reena ( Sushi making class )
Overall :

We had a fantastic time during our lesson! Izumi is very patient and really explains everything in detail. We learnt a lot! Going through the correct process of how to cook the sushi rice has made all the difference to our sushi making at home. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get the hang of the basics because the results are great!

Great fun and learnt lots!05/02/2017by OliR ( More Sushi class )
Overall :

This was a great course to do with Izi. She is really very knowledgeable and we had a chance to make lots of different types of sushi, as well as take lots of it home with us. Thank you, I would definitely recommend this course to friends!

Very satisfied05/02/2017by Lisa ( Mini Sushi Class )
Overall :

This was my first sushi class and I couldn't be more satisfied. Izzy was great, gave us lots of tips that I believe will make the difference once I am gonna try by myself. I tried watching youtube demonstration before but is not the same...this class is just perfect!!!

Great class, very interesting30/01/2017by Roryharriet ( Sushi making class )
Overall :

The teacher was lovely, very welcoming and interesting, explaining in detail about the food. The class went so fast as we enjoyed it so much. There was lots of time to interact and enough time to make your own sushi. One issue was that I didn't like all of the ingredients which were predominantly vegetables. With sushi I prefer fish and we only made one roll with salmon. This meant I couldn't eat much of the sushi I made u fortunately. However I did have fun making it!

Excellent overview of sushi making30/01/2017by Karen A ( Sushi making class )
Overall :

This was a great introduction to the basics of sushi making. Our teacher, Izumi, was knowedgeable, friendly and helpful, and clearly had a passion for the art of making beautiful and tasty sushi.
The class was good fun, and I'll definitely be using my new skills to make sushi for my family and friends.

Roll and roll sushi22/01/2017by Ellie ( Roll & Roll Sushi Class )
Overall :

Fantastic class, the teacher was very clear and really knew her stuff. We made loads of delicious sushi!

Excellent!!22/01/2017by Sarah ( Roll & Roll Sushi Class )
Overall :

A really informative and interesting class, had a great afternoon, thanks Izzie!!!

We had a great time!17/01/2017by JGood ( Sushi making class )
Overall :

We had a lovely time with Izzy learning how to make sushi! She was patient with us, kind and very funny! We have learnt so much and will be returning for sure for another class. Thanks Izzy!

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