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Review 160317/03/2018by Jolien ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

We had a lovely evening, great instructor. Maybe would be convenient to have an instruction how to find the location beforehand

Great sushi lesson !!!15/03/2018by Bence Farkas ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Huge thanks for Yuka Caves to invite me to be part of her master sushi class ! I, and the rest of the people had a wonderful time , great atmosphere simple techniques easy to learn ! Well done

Yuka's class was amazing!!13/03/2018by Shiara ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

What a wonderful evening of Sushi Master Class with Yuka!!
All of us was a novice and all of us ended up an evening with amazing sushi creations of our own! Yuka made the class very relaxed, fun and motivating. She made something quite complex very simple and the most important of all, something we could take home and do it again!
Highly recommended!

Wonderful! Excellent! Authentic and fun!12/03/2018by Isabel Gosling ( Roll & Roll Sushi Class )
Overall :

My daughter and her friend had an excellent time with Izzy and came away energised, knowledable and enthusiastic for making sushi. I can't recommend this wonderful team enough! My daughter also learnt a little of the history of making sushi and shared it with her friends and family. We are all inspired now. Thank you Sozai Cooking School. Book today! :)

great experience06/03/2018by Ruedi ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

I did the Sushi Master Class recently and can highly recommend it. You will have a lot of fun learning the basics of Sushi making and you will feel confident to do it at home after the course. Yuka is very competent and will teach you the art of Sushi rolling in an exciting and humorous way.

Master Sushi experiance 05/03/2018by Georgie ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

What a lovely teacher so informative as to the history of Sushi as well as the Ingrediance,Method, recipes and presentation.Who knew that after 2hrs I could make beautifully looking and tasting Sushi.

Yuka's class is amazing!04/03/2018by Beatriz ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

The Master Sushi class with Yuka was great! Very informative and practical. I left feeling confident to do make sushi solo and had enough to eat to take home. I'm also planning on coming back for more advanced classes. Definitely worth it.

Great fun!25/02/2018by Lisa M ( Mini Sushi Class )
Overall :

Everything that I was hoping it would be. Instructor is superb and the whole experience is really fun. We had a good group of classmates, which was a benefit as well. Highly recommended as a very enjoyable way to learn something new.

Great 23/02/2018by Neko ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

She was great fun and great cook. Both my son and I really enjoyed her cookery course..
we will definitely try her another course!!

Great gift!!16/02/2018by Isabella ( Dinner Party Sushi 1 )
Overall :

Bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend - we both loved it! Akemi is a very clear and attentive teacher, and kept us engaged! The sushi we learnt to make is so pretty and (most importantly!) delicious!! Would recommend to any sushi-lover.

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