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A wonderful treat20/08/2017by Jessie ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

I had a brilliant time and felt more confident with my newly aquired knife skills. I cant wait to come back for the next class and keep practicing my sushi making. Yuka is an inspiration and so talented at helping you to feel at ease so you can try new things and come away with the confidence to make your own Sushi. Class size was perfect and my friend really enjoyed herself too, although it was mainly for me, she had a brilliant time also. Would recommend to anyone with a love for Sushi or interest in Japanese culture and food.

Excellent at every level03/08/2017by Giles ( Dinner Party Sushi 1 )
Overall :

Akemi is an excellent teacher, explained the art of sushi making in a fun way. Utterly recommendable!

Sushi masterclass 31/07/2017by Loudance ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Loved this class. We learned lots and Yuma was a charming and brilliant instructor who is passionate about what she does.

Great instructor, learnt loads01/07/2017by Sarah ( Ramen Class )
Overall :

Akemi was a fantastic instructor, telling us all about the cultural traditions and recipes around ramen noodles and broth. She walked us carefully through the steps, explaining each one as we went. Dinner was great, with a chance to make new friends. My only suggestion would be offering one more drink to attendees with their dinner, to make the £70 seem even more worthwhile.

Fantastic evening 01/07/2017by Steve ( Ramen Class )
Overall :

Really enjoyed the ramen class and learnt a lot. Who knew noodles where so easy to make?! Would highly recommend for any level of cook.

Party Sushi II21/06/2017by Asim ( Dinner Party Sushi II )
Overall :

Amazing Course, it was great fun and the instructor was really helpful even with my limited abilities, and of course you get to eat everything you make so you cant lose.

A Great Class16/06/2017by London Lover ( Tasty Japanese Vegetable Recipes )
Overall :

A great cookery lesson. I learnt to make 5 dishes which tasted and looked great too. Both beginners and advanced cooks would enjoy the class. I highly recommend the class and would go to another one. The food tasted delicious.

Black Cod and Miso15/06/2017by Ben ( Black Cod and Miso )
Overall :

A great class with a great instructor.

Everything was straight forward and resulted in great food at the end. I would highly recommend as I don't think anyone else offers this course in London.

Great class14/06/2017by Jelena ( Black Cod and Miso )
Overall :

When you thinking of Japanese classes, you definitely looking to take a course from Japanese chef!
I was amazed of finding a course how to prepare miso black cod! I love this dish and recently wanted to learn how to cook it! So here I found this cool modern Japanese school!
Very interesting and easy going teacher! ( helpful stuff)
I really enjoyed this class and was surprised how easy is to prepare this tasty fish! Looking forward of coming next week for sushi master class!

Sushi making class at Proud East29/05/2017by Judith ( Proud East 'POP UP JAPAN' Sushi Class )
Overall :

Satomi made the lesson clear and easy to follow. We learned some really useful tips and tricks for rolling and cutting sushi.

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