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Very informative and fun class!19/11/2017by Liz ( Gyoza Class )
Overall :

I really enjoyed Akemi's gyoza class. I really love gyoza and very happy to know I can now make the perfect gyoza again at home. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and the venue was great. Class was the perfect size and length too. After the class we were treated to a light meal with a choice of Japanese drinks!! Definitely would like to book another class soon.

Good fun, and I can now make sushi!!!16/11/2017by iliasmav ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

We had a great time learning how to make sushi. Yuka was cheerful, chatty and very attentive, gave us plenty of encouragement and made the evening great fun. We made four different types of sushi and whilst practice will make perfect we all had a good stab at it.
We then ate our own sushi with a complimentary drink.
The evening was rewarding and entertaining and I am happy to recommend the course.

Nice experience09/11/2017by Jesus Ramirez ( Ramen Class )
Overall :

It was a really nice experience, totally recomendable and very instructive.

Ramen Class08/11/2017by @tranvfood ( Ramen Class )
Overall :

Loved this experience. Akemi was a great teacher - very knowledgeable and passionate.
Having eaten a lot of ramen both in London and Japan I had never before tried to make ramen myself. This was a great course to get base knowledge on how to make shoyu (soy sauce) based ramen. It was great to have also touched on the making of tonkotsu ramen. I enjoyed making noodles from scratch - something I'd never done before either. All in all, a very informative and enjoyable class. Would recommend to all ramen lovers.

Review 05/11/2017by Simon ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

After being told by instructor the Sat course was an error booking, I have to say it was a good error! We have learned the myth of making sushi as well as had chance of tasting typical Japan sake! Lovely environment, atmosphere and well equipped! Highly recommend!

Fantastic experience - a must do!05/11/2017by Amy ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

I did the sushi masterclass yesterday evening having purchased it as part of a birthday gift for my boyfriend and was absolutely delighted with the experience. It was so much fun and Yuka was a wonderful instructor - funny, clear, interesting, just the right balance between guiding us and letting us have a go. We had an awesome time and will certainly be going back for another class.

Absolutely fantastic02/11/2017by St.James ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

It was my first time and i was not so sure whether I can do sushi role but with Yuks`s magic hands, I was led to believe that even I can do...

Lesson started with Yuka's smile which lasted for the entire programme. There were 3 trials or rolls we were asked. Again, my confidence level was pretty low.

First one, Hosomaki, which was explained as the easiest according to Yuka but at the end it was proven as the most difficult.
Next was Futomaki, my favorite. This is the real challenge and I assume there will not many people who can finish. But again with Yuka magic, I could do it.. this means that everybody can do... Awesome.

The last one is known as California roll... I was told that anybody can do it... I struggle but managed to finish it.

I was certainly an experience. I gained confidence in making sushi roll. I recommend everybody including Japanese since Yuka's technique but also cultural and in-depth knowledge about Japanese cuisine, you will be with the hand of Yuka..

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I am here to recommend everybody who want to have an adventure...
Once again thank you Yuka for a fantastic journey... you are guaranteed to have ultimate satisfaction!

Yuki from St.James

Sushi Class - Oct 201730/10/2017by CM77 ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Went to the class with no previous experience of making sushi at all. Yuka was very informative, explaining the important points very well. The class was great fun with Yuka injecting some light heartedness into proceedings.

Overall would highly recommend to anyone with any interest in learning to make sushi.

Fantastic informative and fun evening27/10/2017by Clare Mee ( Tasty Japanese Vegetable Recipes )
Overall :

This course exceeded my expectations. Akemi Yokoyana was intriguing, patient, charming and caring. She took the time to answer our many questions. I learnt so much more than the cooking. It gave me insights into Japanese cuisine and culture, it was easy to forget I was still in London. We felt comfortable asking basic questions and Akemi encouraged us even though we were total novices. The food was delicious and there was ample food and we even had some sake to accompany the feast. I would thoroughly recommend this course.

Great fun. Great food.26/10/2017by Peter N ( Sushi Master Class )
Overall :

Really enjoyed the experience. Highly recommended. I am currently shopping on amazon for everything I need to get started!!!

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