Tasty Japanese Vegetable Recipes

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  • Date: 26/10/2017 18:30
  • Duration: 120min
  • Place: 5 Middlesex Street, London , E1 7AA
  • Price: £75.00 / pp
  • Japanese cuisine is a little known gem for vegetable dishes. They are lovely on their own as starter or you can serve them as accompaniment to the main course.

    Akemi will teach you how to prepare and cook some of the most authentic, very popular Japanese vegetable dishes easily at home

    Mixed Japanese mushroom and ginger rice cooked with sake
    you will learn how to introduce UMAMI into your home cooking (UMAMI is the 5th taste sensation after sweetness, sourness, saltiness and bitterness)
    Kakiage (crispy tempura made with mixed vegetable strips)
    ingredients are chopped into fine strips and mixed into light batter for shallow frying, becoming so crispy and delicious
    Grilled aubergine with black miso
    one of the most popular vegetable dishes in Japanese restaurants, you will learn how to make black miso paste and how to cut and score aubergine
    Spinach with white sesame sauce
    another hugely popular vegetable dish, surprisingly easy to make, the freshly toasted and ground sesame seeds will make a world of difference in taste
    Green beans with tofu and sesame sauce
    tofu and sesame seeds sauce are called 'shira-ae (white mixture)', they are frequently used in Japanese home cooking with delicious results
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Akemi Yokoyama
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  • Akemi Yokoyama is a Japanese culinary instructor, chef, presenter and writer/photographer who has orchestrated many gastronomic events in London and taught sushi making to both children and adults. Her friendly teaching style is easy to follow and informative, she will teach the art of healthy Japan......
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