Dinner Party Sushi II

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  • Date: 20/06/2017 18:30
  • Duration: 120min
  • Place: 5 Middlesex street, London , E1 7AA
  • Price: £75.00 / pp
  • The class is a sequel to the highly popular 'Dinner Party Sushi', you will be mastering further techniques to impress your friends.

    We start with relatively easy sushi to warm up, before moving on to advanced sushi rolls.

    You will learn to make the following sushi:

    Oshizushi - Literally means 'pressed sushi', it is made by pressing rice in a mould to create neat sushi with a variety of layers and toppings. Very tidy and superbly presented sushi.

    Sushi-canapé - Thin strips of colourful vegetables to hold the filling. A new style sushi.

    Rainbow roll - a colourful inside-out sushi roll topped with multiple ingredients arranged diagonally in alternating colours. Tuna, salmon, prawn and cucumbers are some of the typical toppings. With avocado and crab stick as filling.

    Dragon roll - an inside-out roll decorated with layers of thinly sliced avocado which mimics a 'dragon' tail, hence the name. A typical filling is teriyaki eel and cucumber.

    The class is ideal for students who have already attended 'Dinner Party Sushi' or other sushi classes in Sozai Cooking School.

    A glass of sake, wine or Japanese beer will be served during the class. You may eat sushi as you go along, and take the rest home!

    Ingredients may change depending on the availability of the day.
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* We may cancel the class if there are less than 4 participants.


Akemi Yokoyama
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  • Akemi Yokoyama is a Japanese culinary instructor, chef, presenter and writer/photographer who has orchestrated many gastronomic events in London and taught sushi making to both children and adults. Her friendly teaching style is easy to follow and informative, she will teach the art of healthy Japan......
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