Vegetarian/Vegan Sushi Master Class

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  • Date: 17/12/2017 17:00
  • Duration: 120min
  • Place: So Restaurant, 3-4 Warwick Street, London , W1B 5LS
  • Price: £75.00 / pp
  • Are you vegetarian or vegan?
    Do you find it difficult finding and enjoying colourful, tasty vegetarian/vegan sushi? If so (and even if you are not vegetarian or vegan!), come and try this class.
    Yuka brings vegetarian/vegan sushi making to you in this 2 hour class. Learn how to cook Sushi Rice, gain knowledge about the nutritional benefits in the ingredients as well as the art of presentation. Yuka’s fully trained authentic Japanese cuisine experience in Tokyo and London will bring you the confidence of making your own beautiful vegetarian sushi at the end of the class.
This class is ended.
* We may cancel the class if there are less than 4 participants.


Yuka Caves
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  • Yuka’s passion for Japanese cuisine began at a very young age, taught by her grandmother and mother in rural Kyushu. Her childhood was filled with daily trips to fish, meat and vegetable markets where her grandmother taught her how to source the freshest of ingredients. Yuka trained in the art of ......
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